i am still searching for my bijou | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/13

i am a queen fan and i am in search trying to find my bijou. i am 26 years old but still haven't found her. when a relationship ends i tell myself that i'm another day closer to find the one. at my age (26) i have more years infront of me than behind me so you will never know what tomorrow brings. with a negetive there's always a possistive with it but sometimes you can not see the posistive at the time but it is there. everything happens for a reason so keep on with your search for your bijou. who knows my bijou could read this one day :)

Engagement... | Reviewer: Christian Arbulu | 12/30/08

I've been listening Queen since I was 12 years old, I looooooove Queen and i've been saving this song for the love of my life... the person who'll be next to me FOR EVER... I've been saving this song for my Bijou....
I have everything, the ring, a card and this song on the CD player... i just gonna wait untill midnight and i gonna start the next year (2009) with the Love of my life and once again Queen (like it's been since i was 12) will be in the most importants moments of my life and tomorrow can't be and Exception...