sisters love the bicycle | Reviewer: haras | 9/4/07

i love my bike and i love that their is a song about loving your bike. i am in a long distance bike race comming up soon, and i'm having a jersey made where the back just says, 'i dont believe in peter pan, frankenstein or superman....'. my sister and i like to sing our parts when we are on our tandem cruiser or just on our own bikes.

Queen= Love. | Reviewer: Sarah The great | 8/26/07

I love this song. It's become my addiction. It's super catchy, and creative. I'm 13, and Queen is most def. at the top of my favorite bands. I know all the words to most of their songs, and I just love them. Rock On, RIP Freddie.

J'adore Queen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/07

I've always loved Queen. Whether the people reading my comment like them or not, I just feel this is an absolutely excellent song. It makes me want to get up and DANCE! C'mon everybody! Hehe, anyway it has a deeper meaning aswell.
J'adore Queen! Bohemian Rhapsody is my favourite though. This is fantastic though! I am 13 and my friends think I am weird but Queen are amazing!

------ About the song Bicycle Race performed by Queen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/07

Randi Stuckenschnieder, you don't have to describe what it means if u get it u get it if u don't you don't let it be that way instead.
personally i do not think this is the greatest song queen done cus that is of course bohemian rhapsody I see that song as the best ever created, at least to my opinion, bohemian rhapsody rock, best song ever but of course there are many other great songs out there but no song beats bohemian rhapsody it has everything a song needs.

my sister's dance song | Reviewer: Jamie | 7/22/07

I love this song so much. I think it's a wonderful dance song as well. My sister did a dance to this song and everyone loved the dance and the song. A quote from a dance judge, "Ilove this song and this dance used it perfectly. it was completely amazing."

Great Song | Reviewer: Bob | 6/29/07

That song is brilliant. Screw the hard jobs! i just wanna ride my bike instead.

god damnit | Reviewer: queen_man | 6/26/07

common guys bicycle race isnt queens best song orge battler all the way altough it is one of my faviortes common i dont belive in super man frankenstine or peter pan common peter pan is the shit lol

great song | Reviewer: hailey | 6/12/07

BEST SONG EVER RECORDED BY QUEEN EVERRR! LOVE IT!!! it just makes me wanna ride my bike

Best effing song | Reviewer: anonymoussssssss M | 5/26/07

Wow this is like the best song ever written! I wish i could listen to it over and over again 4000 tymes a day :D

Kickin Song | Reviewer: Mizutamari Anjii | 4/30/07

Queen ROCKS!! This song is pretty good and the lesson it has in it is important to know. Don't ever turn out like everyone else. Be yourself. ^^

Yes ! | Reviewer: Queen's biggest fan, from Denmark! | 4/22/07

Ohh , I love this song ! .

It's typical Queen. They makes some of the wierdest songs. But their songs ALWAYS turns out to be FANTASTIC.

All of my friends, says that I'm Wierd, but I can help it. I listen to their music AL THE TIME !

Ohh , and by the way I'm a 15 ( allmost 16) year ols girl from Denmark 8D.

Queen Awesome | Reviewer: queenreview | 4/13/07

Best Song-one of the best anyway! It s about how the guy doesn't want to conform to everyone else, he just wants to be his own person, and not follow everyone else Definately genious

hehe awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/07

this song is like the perfect pick-me-up. its amazing. and queen... i dont normally listen to them, but this is freaking amazing.

i love this song!! | Reviewer: Randi Stuckenschnieder | 4/4/07

this is one of my favorate songs!! but i really dont think that every one who listens to theis song actually gets the meaning aka what the song is talking about its not for you to sing when your hyper and to kill the song. its about what he wants to do he wants to be his own person he wants to set his own path he doenst want to follow anyone eles's path.

I noticed... | Reviewer: I-do-stuff | 2/25/07

I love how the songs Fat Bottomed Girls and Bicyle Race both mention each other.

FBG: "Get on your bikes and ride"

BR: "Fat-bottomed girls will be riding today..."