The truth about this song | Reviewer: Albert Hoffman | 7/16/14

It's a song about LSD. There are plenty of references like Peter Pan, Frankenstein and Superman, which are designs fairly common in LSD patches. The bicycle design itself is the most common one in LSD patches. Just google it. The whole song is an overblown LSD trip.

Bisexual | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/13

The second or third time I heard this song I was thinking "BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIsexual! BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIsexual..." Hahaha. I mean, come on. It sounds so close to it. Not saying that's what the song is about, but I can't believe that very few people thought of that.

Fun Song | Reviewer: Grace | 7/22/13

I love this song and because Queen sings it and most of all I L ove my bicycle and the freedom of riding it ,nothing so freeing ,closest that I can get to flying . ,its about fun riding a bicycle .It's like art ....what does it mean to you?I'm over 70 yrs old maybe the reason for no worry about it .I love this song!!!!

You are all wrong :) | Reviewer: Jason Wade Howard | 6/27/13

Freddie Mercury was a self-professed bisexual. It doesn't take a genius to work out that the bicycle race is a reference to his bi-cycle (bisexual life style). He wants to ride it, he wants to ride it where he likes, freely without persecution/prejudice. I haven't analysed the song line by line yet, but plan to do so hence my being here. i will also look at the tax references too. when I have finished my analysis it will be published to my blog.
Jason Wade Howard

Colour & Art | Reviewer: MusicFan | 6/1/13

I agree with Pedro in the fact that this may seem like a bit of a 'Trashy' song ready to be discarded.

But, Queen were excellent at creating vibrant songs with different colours and moods - almost like throwing in different ingredients to create new flavours.

I think that sums up this song. We have the fact that song is about a love for a Bicycle race, very odd in itself, with a backdrop of vaudeville style pop and the Queen vocal overlays and solo's. I would say this song is 'art' for its brash & bold flavours yet not a song to dwell on.

This song is not about sex | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/12

Idk how you can say this song is about sex when you watch the video. Just because they had naked women riding around a track on bikes does not mean this song is about sex. The only reference to sex is "Fat Bottomed girls will be riding today, So look out for those beauties". Listen to the song and you will see it has many elements with metaphors to hide them.

Fantastic song - just a few facts and clarifications | Reviewer: Ravi | 4/2/12

This song was actually written while Queen were in France, recording the album "Jazz". They chose to record it there because recording an album in England meant that they'd be heavily taxed [hence the reference to 'income tax' in the 'You Say/I Say' gang vocal section near the end].
Of course, one of the associations with France is the Tour de France bicycle race that takes place every year. According to Brian May [Queen's guitarist], that is what inspired Freddie Mercury to write Bicycle Race, and Brian himself [admittedly, slightly worryingly] to write Fat Bottomed Girls.

Roger Taylor [Queen's drummer] has often joked of being sad at the fact that he and the band couldn't appear at the video shoot for Bicycle Race [which featured many girls riding naked on bicycles round a track], due to the band's self-imposed tax-exile.

Apparently, the shop that loaned the bicycles for use in the video refused to take the cycles back with the seats once they found out how the bikes were actually used for in the video.

the music video | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/12

ummm do any of you have any idea what this song is actualy about? sex. they are singing that they want to ride thier bicycle because in the music video there are a bunch of naked girls riding thier bikes.

sickle | Reviewer: anyonyimusz | 11/15/11

Did anyone else have a passing thought that maybe the cycle is actually a sickle? would that give a new meaning to the mumbo-jumbo? I am no native speaker, so treat it as an idea for a new perspective:)

bicycle | Reviewer: joel | 8/31/11

this song is one of my favourite songs by Queen, it makes absolutly no sense becauase they were most likley high when they made it but it is a really fun song and it is catchy and stays in your head but it makes you want to ride your bike and not a scooter. it would be awesome if Freddie Mercury was still alive.

I want to ride my bycicle too! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/11

i love queen!they are crazy and funny!i like this song so much because i'm 16 and the last time i rode a bike was when i was father used to tell always that he's gonna get me a bike if i did well on school,i have always been the top of my class but still my father never got it for me,and now he says i'm too old for a bike,THAT IS SO UNFAIR!

shut up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/10

well im not realy a queen fan but you should shut up this song is awsome realy and well some people know how to appreciete music more then you just because you dont like it its not a bad song all music is great just adheres to different taste!

well | Reviewer: pedro | 9/22/10

Queen got some awesome songs. but this one is a bad one. just random and funny, but it sucks. as does many songs from the album Jazz.
I hate the fact that there are many blind Queen fans here, that adore this song. I'm a Queen fan, but I know what's bad from them. Another sucky song from this same album is Fat Bottomed Girls.
Queen I is absolutely awesome, the best one, Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack are cool... Night at the Opera is marvelous... from then on, it starts to become less epic. a Day of the Races is cool, News of the World is quite epic, but Jazz or any other after this suck some hairy balls.

Freddies Teeth | Reviewer: FMQ | 8/30/10

I have been a Queen fan since about the age of 5, and being that I have been a die hard for that long I too have looked into Queen quite a bit, and in reference to Douch Bag's comment... Perhaps it wouldn't have mattered, but Freddie was afraid that by changing his teeth, he wouldn't have been able to sing the way he had for so long, and to tell you the truth, I'd rather be safe than sorry to.

I'm so angry | Reviewer: Niloo Niloo Niloo Niloo | 12/9/09

About the song: What can I say about Bicycle Race? This song is as beautiful as all the Queen songs. I like how it's honest and childlike. Queen is the most original and intelligent band EVER! By the way: I usually don't give a damn to people that put Freddie or Queen down. But it seems that this time I've got do something. Ok, Aaron, whoever you are. I just want to say you're a big loser and total ignorant and absolute tasteless. How dare you say those crappy things about Freddie? You certainly don't even know him! It seems you don't have a better job than leaving stupid comments about people you don't know. I'm sorry for you. You're another idiot that can't understand genius of him. That's why you don't have anything better than leaving STUPID comments about him. He's the GREATEST and you and people like you are NOTHING! Period!