awesome | Reviewer: charlie b. | 12/2/12

im 5 years old and thats pretty young to be writing this review and that means its really hard to find a good queen song these days since Freddie died.i am a really big fan of queen but this has to be my favorite song EVER.i uasually like songs like the theme song to caillou.i LOVE this song!

satan related | Reviewer: Joy | 10/27/12

Remember this song from the time period. Now I relate it to the war in the heavenlies. There is a constant battle going on , that we can't see, but yet feel at times.This is the battle between God and the devil. With Jesus we will win the battle in the end. Satan tempts us to disobey the Lord and it is our choice to follow him or the Lord. Pray you will receive this and not cuss.

I'm sorry for you, should I say... | Reviewer: Andrea | 4/12/12

Emily, Olivia did not write this song, you idiot. It was John Deacon. I've done too a lot of researching on this ( I have not only read Wikipedia, as you may think)but also looked up on other sites. Treat Queen with respect.
I should not be so hard on you (you're just a kid- you've said it) but sometimes you just have to stay with your mouth closed.
This song is great.
RIP Freddie.
P.S: Olivia's an awesome artist btw.

Great!!! But...(the buts not about the song) | Reviewer: Emily | 12/8/11

I love this song and i am young, and i was not alive when 'Queen' was around, but i am sorry Fredie or Johnny did not write this song, i have done so much research on this because i do not like to say things without having proof. But Olivia John wrote this song. But shes not having the her talent has been hidden because of you sods. F*ck you all of you, you should be sorry.

Rockin!!! | Reviewer: sandy | 9/7/11

This song is just so great. The rhythm is so cool, I can`t get enough of it.
Everytime I listen to it and sing along, I can`t help to feel powerful.
This is the Queen effect...their amazing songs always make you feel something strong.
Fabulous song!!

Excellent Song. But hilarious. | Reviewer: Aaron | 2/7/11

The song is kinda hilarious to me because the way he sings to the song, it making me laugh all the parts that he be saying. but he's alot right, though. That can make you think that you can be the champion for the fight that you got into.

It's A Good Thing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/10

This song has my own personal interpretation. It has uplifted and inspired me from the beginning. Currently, I have taken on some monumental tasks in order to secure myself for the years to come. I have made a list of things that need to be done for this to happen. I named the list: "Knocking Down The Giants." Every time I complete one of these tasks "Another One Bites The Dust" starts playing in my head. So I turn on the song and sing, dance, clap, and stomp all over the house! My list is getting smaller, and I am getting happier! How's that for a switch? LOL Well off to slaying more giants..............

john wrote this song, not freddie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/10

this song is from 1980. also, look above the lyrics and you'll see that the bass player, john deacon wrote this, not freddie. so it has nothing to do with anything about being gay unless john was...

Another one bites the dust | Reviewer: Victoria Fuialo-Petersen | 9/7/09

I love this song. I used to listen to it all the time back in Samoa when I was young. This was about 1978. Love the beat and not much about the lyrics but the beat i liked the most. All of the Queen's songs and beats rocked. I like all of them till now. RIP Freddie, I hope you have found the right way in Heaven and be saved.

damn | Reviewer: NICK | 12/23/07

this song is the best i listened to this song all the time when i went fishing with my dad, brothers and my uncle be for my uncle passed away, thanks freddie. (R.I.P Freddie Mercury and My Uncle Larry)

R.I.P and Rock&Roll | Reviewer: Samantha Gunn | 11/16/07

This song is a song that just gets you going! I love Queen and everything they have done! Rest in peace Freddie! You Rock Forever!

Anger | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/07

I belive this song was a reflection of Freddy's anger towards the intolerance that he had to face. He was trying to basically convay that if he had the chance, he would shoot down all of the intolerant people in this world. However, he was intelligent enough to not actually preform the "machine gun" action.... instead he wrote a piece of music that will be around eternally. This song makes me want to smash things, so it must be a great rock and roll song. :=)!!

luv it | Reviewer: vicky | 8/19/07

Nobody can resist singing along or dancing.
I think all there songs r freaken awsome =)!!

Freaking Awsome! | Reviewer: Jacqui | 6/21/07

This is such a GREAT dancing song, just makes you want to get up and dance to it!!! good job Queen and Rest in peace Freddie Mercury! We miss you!

wicked! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/07

this fricken rockes man! dont even tell me it dosent!