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my lovely Katie Jane | Reviewer: serge carlier | 10/12/2005

I saw you for the first time in DOUAI on june 13th with M.Manson and since this date i hope to see you again and i hope to speak with you,i'll go to see you in SANNOIS on november 12th and i'm very very exciting about you,i thank you for what all you do with Queen AdreenA,you're a great girl,see you soon,bye-I ADORE YOU-serge

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future with Queen AdreenA | Reviewer: serge carlier | 9/15/2005

i play guitar since 1985 and after AC/DC to learn,after S.O.D to bang,after NIRVANA to be proud what i am,after MUSE to think english rock is great now i have QUEEN ADREENA to say.....stay on the stage Katie-Jane i adore you

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