In response to anonymous' comment | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/07

Anonymous said that this song was about women being treated like sex slaves - well she couldn't be more song! The lyrics are about a woman's open sexuality intimidating men, not about her being submissive. In the song, the woman asks him to help her take her clothes, asking him to be proactive, and encouraging him to come to her.

song buttons | Reviewer: mrs mcdonald | 4/9/07

i like t6he lyrics and the song its not ever heard before but i love it so much even the gurls i do so bye

Come on! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/07

Come on people! While I agree that this song is very catchy and I love to dance to it, I can't help but notice that the lyrics and the music video make women look like toys even! I don't know about you, but I don't want to be viewed as an object. OF course the amount of sexuality in the video can be very empowering for us, it's like we are saying "hey look at me! I am gunna do what I want to and you can't do anything" But this song is about them begging someone to take their clothes off! I would like to keep my clothes on thank-you very much.

Good And Bad | Reviewer: Nikki | 2/13/07

Well these lyrics does need more work and that song is awsome ..the best part is SNOOP DOGG he awsome snoop dogg and Nicole (1 of the pcd) should hook up that would be hot lol I love u NICOLE

Sexy | Reviewer: Hayden | 2/15/07

Me and my girlz love this song!! Its so awesome it makes my buttonz dance!!

great!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jessica | 2/15/07

i love this song, i have it on my stinkin' ipod nano

ITS THE BEST | Reviewer: Isabella | 2/7/07

It was the best . I heard and now ive lodded on every cd. cat dools is the best and Xy
im y like them because i lisen to it.

buttons | Reviewer: chan | 2/4/07

i love this music and if i will here this musicx i love it but i try it for my trying and i will bring u and u will dance this music and u will sing or u want to record this music for ur song ........

Great | Reviewer: Terry | 1/28/07

I Love This Song! It Is The Most Played On My Computer!! LOL!

My God! | Reviewer: Eva | 11/18/06

12.16 AM---> I came from this party, and they played this song and I fell in love with it.. it is AWESOME... it's sexy!!!!! It's seriously awesome to dance to and to sing to EVERYTHING MENG!!!!!!