not good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/09

I wouldn't say this song is about women being treated as sex slaves, but it definitely is objectifying women. Have you seen the music video?! It's basically porn; these girls are just strippers who sing, and could't write a decent, meaningful song if they tried (which they obviously don't). And the lyrics are terrible too, they're pretty much the epitamy of putting stuff in there because it rhymes. And it barely rhymes!! "I like when the physical" ?? "You keep fronting" ??? What the hell does that mean?!!
I'm not saying women shouldn't be open about their sexuality, or even that they shouldn't be a bit provocative, but this is just sexist, manufactured shit.
And by the way, I'm not some conservative parent, I'm a 17-year-old guy...As much as I do think the 'Dolls are hot and everything, I still completely disagree with their music (if you could call it that).

PCD ROX | Reviewer: *mwa* | 9/2/07

I love the pussycat dolls to the absolute max!! I Love all the songs But Buttons and Wait a minute are prob the best!! I agree with whoeva sed tht mellisa R. was gd she shulda won but asia was gd!! Wen PCD come to Aus im so there!!! Ciao!!

This is my fave PCD song | Reviewer: jersey girl | 7/18/07

My friends and I are a group of Diva's and this is "our" song. I really don't care what the meaning behind the song is, it has a great beat to dance to.

cOol!! | Reviewer: arelin | 7/6/07

i like this music....
really2 like it....
so cOol....

yessuuhhh muchho amazingggg...--tk and jr BFF!!!:):) | Reviewer: submitted my taylor lynn koenigg and jordan taylorr ross...bffff!!<333 | 5/23/07

love it!!!!
but we like it wayyy bettta when melissa r on the search for the next PCD sings it. even tho she only sang like the first two lines ha...but other than that, we love.


angela conchetta desantis and meghan reeed----BFF!!!!:):) | Reviewer: submitted my taylor lynn koenigg and jordan taylorr ross...bffff!!<333 | 5/23/07

we luhh it.
the best thing ever since ever.


buttons | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/07

i agree i think that their music all sounds the same. really whats the point of having all those girls well 'dolls' when the only one u ever see is nicole.

about the song buttons | Reviewer: darienne | 5/6/07

I love this song so much.I sing it every time I
hear it.I love the cd.I wish I could meet the
pussycat do a good job at picking your
background sound for evry song.

AWSOME! | Reviewer: Lissy | 5/3/07

I Love The Pussycatdolls!! And the song "Buttons" Is My Fave!!!! whoo hoo!!! But it is a little cheesy in some parts! well toodles!!


sum10g's missing! | Reviewer: dry martini | 4/18/07

why is it doesn't have lines of snoop dogg?