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Performed by Pussycat Dolls

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O-M-G! I Luv This Song | Reviewer: Nadia | 5/12/07

I luv that song! "I don't give a... if u looking @ my..., cuz it don't mean a thang if u looking @ my ha I'ma do my than while I'm playing with ya ha ha ha ha ha". W/E! I lovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee it! It IS funny how men only think 'bout the...

Luv This | Reviewer: juli | 5/14/07

I Love This Song...I love PCD...But Know They R Gonna Suck Cuz Asia Is In It...BOOO

wrong | Reviewer: Amy | 5/9/07

This is wrong girl so stop sayin good things about it!(but the right one is well good!)

guju 4 life= indian chick | Reviewer: yasmin | 5/8/07

------ ha pcd i love your music and this is just one step up there thanks for putting so much hard work and making a grate song and welcome to the group asia i lov yah and all the pc cats out there so your pcd style

your so awesome @ Beep is a good song | Reviewer: sharell akins | 5/6/07

I love you guys your so cool and I hope you come out with a new song it waould be awesome and if you put it on your myspace that would be cool because my friends look at it all the time to see if anything has changed. We admire you the way you walk, you walk like a model and I was in modeling class.Well if you do get a new song have someone announce it either here or on the television we'd love to here from all of you guys.

best song in t world! | Reviewer: nicole | 5/6/07

this song has t greatestbeat can sing or dance to it!i bet eith the new pussy cat doll "asia" the songs wil be so much more hot and sexy!

why would someone even listen to crap like this | Reviewer: i hate the pussycat dolls | 5/5/07

you know, you'd think that with all the money these girls earn, they'd be able to buy some proper clothes.

its not their "talent" that sells their "music" (how i hate to call this crap music, its their bodies...

everyone who thinks they are good....listen to some real music before it get sto late. this group is possibly the most disgusting thing ive ever heard.

i love u | Reviewer: banana | 5/3/07

i love the song and it is soo nice i wish u get it and neckol u r soooooooooo pretty

great song!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/07

i luv this song...its great n pcd r great dancers n pretty!

there ausome | Reviewer: Mindy | 5/4/07

hey this song is da best omg i love beep its the best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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