Re: Where is the intro? | Reviewer: Mike | 3/11/14

First, Public Enemy is made up of:

1. The S1W grup ("Security of the First World," sort of an Afro-Military Dance Squad, one member is referred to as an "S1W," collectively they are the "S1Ws.") (Professor Griff is their leader, though he's not mentioned in the song)

2. The DJ, "Terminator X"

3. The MC, Chuck D -aka "The Hard Rhymer"

and, last but not least,

4. The Hype Man, Flavor Flav. (In Rap, The "Hype Man" does those side-rap "Break it down" and "Yeah Boi" calls alongside the MC, Hyping Up the Crowd, so to speak.)

Now that you Know, here are the Lyrics:

Chuck D: "Clear the way for the S, the S1W's!"

Chuck D: "Get Back cuz he Whacks the Tracks, the Terminator!"

Flavor Flav does himself: "It's the Flava! It's the Flava! Life Sava! It's the Flava!"

Then Chuck D does HIMself: "Hard Times get me down, I Pump The Hard Rhymer!"

rinse and repeat as required.


Need Lyrics for the Intro. | Reviewer: Brad | 2/3/14

Hello, I am trying to find the introduction lyrics to LOST AT BIRTH. I cannot find what the lyrics are to open the song. The regular lyrics are posted everywhere, but not the intro. It sounds something like "For the way, for the ask, to ask what of you". "Get back because you wax the tracks Terminator". Please help. Thank you.

Where is the intro? | Reviewer: Atrane | 12/16/13

There is a standard intro that precedes the first line. It goes something like "clear the way for the s to s1w" and then more after that. Why is that never applied to the lyrics of the song?