Not such a good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/13

I remember this song and thought it was pretty good and contained deep thought. Well, that is until I actually read it. He has about 3 great lines in the whole song. I didn't realize that this song is so basic. It probably took 20 minutes to write.

the ideal rap act | Reviewer: ben starr | 7/5/09

People can hate PE all they want cuz those who hate don't really get what they are saying. Maybe it's a white thing, but I'm white and I totally get what Chuck and Flav are saying. What it really is is that white America needs to check it's attitude when it comes to race. I understand that African Americans as a group have been and still are at a disadvantage. Hip-hop is an art form created by blacks, and the greatest thing you can do with that art form is address issues of the black community. For this reason, Public Enemy is the ideal rap act in my mind, and they have never layed out their ideals better than on "Fight The Power".

The Symbolism for this Antherm of the Impoverished | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/08

This song served as a great instigator of revolution, or in the very least, change in the thought of African Americans. African Americans, and most minorities, continue to be repressed in what we believe to be this great and equal society in America. People needed a battle cry for their cause and this was it. And to the mention that Martin Luther King Jr is already placed in many places, it should also be noted that there are many literary, political , and artistic figures that have been completly ignored and disregaraded for the simple fact that they were of color. Notice that most "American Heroes" are white males...there is a corollation between racial sentiments and adored American figures. THe numbers for those under the poverty lines are also higher amongs minorities than any other race. I want everyone to realize that equality has not yet reached America.

Fight the power | Reviewer: The voice of reason | 8/13/07

You know I always did liked the anti-establishment theme of this song, but I grew up. What for one is Chuck D's proof of Elvis bein a racist, besides taking rock n roll and bringing it in to mainstream white society? On that note whats Falvor Flav's beef with John Wayne? Did he just wnt to shit on an icon of conservitive American value ? Thats going on the foolish assumption that he can think for himself, I'm sure Chuck D told him what to say. By the way Chuck I'm sure that there were plenty of stamps that had featured Dr. Martin Luther King in 1989. Or did you not consider Dr. King a hero since he championed equality and brotherhood as opposed to reverse racisim and contnued racial tensions like you favored at the time and probably stoll do. Was it not Chuck D and Harry Allen who intruduced the masses to that untalented racist cunt Sister Souljah?