Beautiful song! | Reviewer: Kat | 3/31/07

Beautiful song! I am singing along right now! Keep on singing girls! We LOVE you! Extremely catchy song and it is usually stuck in my head! But for a good reason!

white pride world wide | Reviewer: white power | 3/12/07

good girls keep singing you have the right idea sing about the pride we all should have. hail hitler

u fucking racists | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/07

u cant sing ur voices sound like fucking dying monkeys u have no harmony and u cant play the instruments ur ment 2 b able 2 play. u disgust me and all the racists out there should rot in hell.

fuck you | Reviewer: jew | 2/18/07

youre fucking racist retards. do you even understand what youre singing about or does your mum write it all for you?