shut up | Reviewer: hooligan | 7/10/08

this song isnt about 'racism' its about racialism. being proud and having love for yourself and ur race. your all a bunch of filthy niggers. whether you have white black brown or yellow skin. these girls are an inspiration to all people who are proud. fuck off you filthy critical pieces of shit

all from africa? thats stupid | Reviewer: austin | 4/4/08

1st get an education you idiot, if your Christian you know that not true and if your an evolutionist thats not true ether. second off they dont put drugs in ur neighborhoods, stop looking for excuses and take some blame instead of trying to pin it on the Gov and the white man. next, im proud of my background, im full German and proud to be white, everyone else can be proud of their race so why cant we. i mean i now live in IN where they have a black expo and BET, etc... and if we do something of that nature then were raciest, theres not a problem in the way i was raised.i will support my race since so many others wont. theres no such thing as equal,you can clearly see this in nature which is unbiased. and now days being white and trying to work for the gov is getting harder and harder because we dont get extra points on our tests for being a minority. which is bs. i hold two degrees from private colleges and i still didnt get the job because they need more blacks.

Blah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/08

There are "white pride" celebrations that aren't considered racist... Oktoberfest, St. Patrick's Day. The difference is specificity and real heritage, not a celebration of skin tone.There is nothing wrong with appreciating your heritage, but WHITE isn't a heritage. Its a socially constructed category that people use as an excuse to push people down. And the reason black people have to generalize themselves as black and not from a specific country is because white people forced their ancestors here for slavery and neglected to keep records. White pride indeed.
And on another note, White people dominate this planet. Everything is created for white people. If something isn't labeled "black" or something else its understood as something for white people. Thats why there is not White entertainment channel... because EVERY channel is intended for white entertainment

Homosexuality | Reviewer: Kendra Abendroth | 2/14/08

Seems as though everyone has covered the totally racist areas of the song, so I'm gonna tackle the white supremacist hate for homosexuality. Though I can say it comes through clearly in this song, I read another review and thought of something that amused me.

"If you want to argue with that look up the facts of the "glorious" romans and greeks you treasure so much. Look at how brutal and controlling and evil they were. If I'm wrong tell me but nothing can erase the truth"

If you do a little research you can learn all about Roman and Greek brothels. Those men loved their little boys dearly, didn't they?

Just something to chew on. Food for thought kind of thing. Personally, I believe to each their own. As long as things remain peaceful, believe what you like, no matter how deluded and off collar it may be.

I disagree with their views, but I by no means hate them. I don't believe in hate because in the end it's the Lord's decision. However, I do think they are two very pretty young women and the song 'Your Daddy' moved me.

In the end, my own beliefs make it impossible for me to really do anything but feel a sadness about the girls and those who agree with them.

@Laura Brown, I agree with the lyrical double standards. I really enjoyed that Kanye song (best sampling of Daft Punk ever), until he said that. Why does she have to be black? He doesn't want a white woman? He likes his coke-addicted, stung-out, stick-thin models of a darker shade? I don't know, but I don't listen to his music anymore. What about BET? Can you imagine the rage if we started WET? That sounds like a horrible channel name anyway...but you get my point. Generally I find most modern music to be demeaning to women anyway.

01/25/2008 | Reviewer: anonymous | 1/26/08

we are children of God. we did not all orignate in Africa, like someone else said. we originated from our heavenly Father. it is stupid for a race to have pride-God made every one of us. I love every race,sex,gender. Love them like Jesus!

The Truth | Reviewer: Proud | 1/18/08

I am not white and I'm happy I'm not. I have a little white in my family and I'd rather not to be honest. But off the biased tip here are the facts:
- Everybody started in Africa so whether you want to believe it or not you are African
- White people have been terrorizing and killing people since they "appeared" on earth, and not only that they also steal the ideas of other races and proclaim them their own
- White people are some of the most racist people in the world because they illude that they're better or more "pure" when truly (in my opinion) its a shame to be white because that means all those years of torture and brutality your ancestors have enforced on other races over the years is in your history and you can't get rid of it.
-The goverment is corrupt and they put drugs is neighborhoods of color (this is a fact because if the U.S. can keep terrorists out they can sure enough keep out as many drugs as there is) i mean maybe somtimes ppl can slick drugs thru, but not enough to entoxicate so much of the population
-White people always steal other's land and claim it as their own
That's all fact as far as I know and even though I have good reason not to like whites I try to accept them because I know they're human, just a more evil kind of human. If you want to argue with that look up the facts of the "glorious" romans and greeks you treasure so much. Look at how brutal and controlling and evil they were. If I'm wrong tell me but nothing can erase the truth

So untalented, so pitiful... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/08

The song has a nice melody. But - no matter if their songs are nationalist or about a cute boy from their class - they can neither sing nor play their instruments propperly. My guinea pig is a better musician than these two girls! They are just pitiful in all respects. Moreover, they/their mum seem to have no idea, what Prussia actually is about. From Friedrich the Great on, Prussia was one of the most tolerant, multi-national and democratic (for then understanding) States in Europe. And they are wearing Bavarian Dirndels. Bavarians used to hate Prussians and their is still a certain dislike.

I think, it is bullshit to say "I'm proud to be white/black/green with red spots/blond/brunette/man/woman/German/French/American or things like that...". This applys for PB and their collegues just as for the black rappers and hip-hoppers. These are simply facts we were born with. In my opinion you can only be proud of things you have reached yourself, what you made of your life e.g. carreer or family. What would fit better is to say "I'm glad to be...", which however sounds quite snotty again. And even if you are proud of being white etc. this doesn't mean, that the rest of mankind has to be wiped out.

Why is there more crime in mixed societies? Because the whites treat the non-whites like shit so many of them live in poverty. Poor whites can be just as criminal as poor non-whites just like rich/successfull non-whites can be as civilized as rich whites.

"Hitler wanted everyone to be the same."

Yes...And he tried to reach this by killing everyone, whose different (in his opinion). Of course in the end everyone would have been the same.

LOL... | Reviewer: Kat | 1/3/08

Okay...I am white. I have been laughing at these white people who think these girls are simply singing about White Pride. No. It would be fine if they were singing about being proud of being white, but they're not only doing that, they're saying other races are "raping their land". That is one of the many ignorant things they say. "Their land"? It isn't your land. If its anyone's land, its the Native American's, and it was white people that raped it by coming over here and slaughtering many, many Native Americans so that they could have the land for themselves. So, please, get your story straight.

It is not a bad thing... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/08

OK I am a white guy and for the record I am proud to be white! When you have other creeds celebrate their color or thier roots it is ok, but when you have whites that try show their pride at their race we are labeled to be racists! These little girls are just showing what alot of people feel but won't say. I for one will dam sure fight for my own kind!

an opinion from a german | Reviewer: Irina Behm | 12/10/07

so here comes another opinion of a "white" person. i was born in Kazakhstan and i live in Germany for 15 years now. here where all the people really experienced how racism feels like not anyone was ever uncandidly to me or whatever.
and i am proud of who i am, not in the meaning of the race or skin color but in the way what i've reached in life. and i think everyone has the right to be proud of himself. and if it's the color of your skin, why not, as long as you concede others the same. as soon as you are proud of your color but see other races as inferior at the same time, you're a racist.
and of course there are more "black" or colored people in prison but it's just because they live in poor circumstances in slums where the rate of crimes is very high and so they get confronted with all the criminality at a very young age.
but how ignorant can someone be to really think that Hitler wanted everyone to be the same???
just grab a history book and read the aims he wanted to reach. he never thought of equality among the races because in his eyes the "white race" was the strongest one and they had rule over the others. the black people, he said, weren't even worth to live or at least they should be slaves. that's why he killed himself at the end of the war, he couldn't stand the fact that the white/ german race were not the strongest. so please, just inform yourself about the facts and don't think such a crap.
btw. i pity those two girls. they don't know it better, because their parents educated them and those girls don't know it better. how can parents do such things to their own children? i hope they realize it one day.