Well | Reviewer: nobelios | 12/11/09

Do you know, the italy has want get land during WWII ? Germany too and today USA be always in Japan or irak, etc ...
It's a joke ? No I think all nations making disasters around the world are black,white or yellow peoples. The USA has make war in first in japan with the opening of naval coast before time to WWII. White people make war, like others. I'm french and we are not better that you. But remember (I'm not Hippy (fucking hippys)) the new wars are americans, but I think in all country and all color, each nation has her killers, mad people, and fucking war maker.
Sorry if my english is bad, but it is not my natal language !

To "The Truth" | Reviewer: European and proud | 10/9/09

ok i wanna say to "The Truth"

-White people have been terrorizing and killing people ? Ok but do u know what happens in Africa ? White people don't kill white people. But Black people are killing African People. They act like animals and are killing innoncent person who didn't do anything. they're killing babies, women and children when they want. they reject their own children if he's ill or not beautiful, if he's "contaminated" by Satan, Yes they call their own children "the child of Satan". Even animals don't do that !

-White people are the most racist? Ok what do ya think of african people who hate arabian-African of Maghreb ? What do ya think of the murder of Shannon Christian and Christopher Newsom who were killed by black people just cuz they're white ? D'u know that in Japan there are bars where you can't go if ur are a forgeiner ? What d'u think when american doctors went to Iran (or another islamic republic but i don't remember the name) to help people and they had to come back to america cuz they were insulting just because they're white and christians ?

-Drugs arent put by white people. U know i'm from Europe maybe we have drugs in Amsterdam but it's legal there. drugs aren't put by white people but by BLACK people !

-White people always steal others land and claim it as their own ? yooooo Ok France, Belgium, Portugal, England,Spain did that. But not all white countries ! Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, Albania,Austria, Slovenia etc etc never done anything. And what d'u think of black people who try to steal the money of white people just because they think white people are all rich ?

- evil kind of human ? Ok i think u should to live to an African country u will know what evil means whe a life doesn't mean anything and where u will be kill for nothing ;)

I'm not a racist i do like black, asian, arab, .. people. I do have black, asian and arab friends but i hate people like u who don't know what they're talking about

WHOS RACIST? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/09

what gives me the shits is us white people suggest maybe that maybe we should keep our blood and races pure, yet we are the biggest fuckin racists in the world when we say that, lets see an african tribe decideds to speak out and say theyre proud of their culture and ant to keep their race pure, what do we do, pretty much throw them a fucking parade, were so happy your proud motherfuckers lets celbrate with you, i say fuck that, we should be able to be proud of our race

good for them | Reviewer: blake | 7/26/09

you know what im sick of this shit. there are many of us white people who are proud. but there are many who are not. to those i say pull your head out of your ass and stand up for yourself me and all of us proud whites. this is bullshit that i would get labled as a racest just for being proud of my roots. all you other races also need to get back to your root and get the hell out of this country. these girls sing loud and proud and i compleatly agree with them. so keep it up girls. sing on

hm. | Reviewer: anonymous | 6/29/09

Why is it bad for Whites to be proud of their race, when it is encouraged for other races? Everyone talks about how this is "hate" or "evil", but what IS the definition of those words and WHO was it that defined it? EVERYBODY had a hand in making the world what it is today. One country takes over another because they believe that the other is too weak to defend themselves, and what does the other country do? They think it is too difficult and they don't give it their all to prevent it. When that happens, the rest of the world takes pity on them. "Aw, those poor people don't stand a chance." They do stand a chance if they would stop feeling sorry for themselves, not think of what MIGHT happen, and do their best to fight against them. I personally believe that everyone in this world is equal in ability -- Some just utilize those abilities in different ways. Some put their effort into attack, some put theirs into defense, others into intelligence. We have no right to hate one race just because during one or two fights, we had the ability to win. With that being said -- To everyone who is saying hateful things about these girl, quit being so selfish and stuck-up. They have the same right to be proud of their heritage as you do. To the girls themselves, keep being proud and never let anyone tell you it is wrong.

Ha hA ha! | Reviewer: darryl cherry | 6/13/09

First thing Megan I do not beleieve in your Jewish Christian God I follow my indigenous religion therefore the God known as Wotan is my AllFather. Your God and religion which I'm guessing is Christianity was created by Jews. who are gods chosen people? Jews! so if your god favours Jews then how are we equal? You know nothing about your own religion let alone your glorious race history(I'm guessing your White). Race is the most important thing in life its the whole reason your alive today, do you think your ancestors would say we are all equal or would vote for a Negro president? I Don't think they would, I think they would rather blow there brains out. I follow Natures law which is what every race should follow, I do not hate anyone purely based on race, every race on this planet is beautiful and unique in there own way, but to claim we are all equal is just suicide and stupid, the white race have proven themselves superior they have brought civilisation all over the world they have given people their languages. Now if you try that 'White Guilt' that has been pushed on us for decades let me just remind you of the attacks of the motherland Europe from the Moors, Huns, Mongols and many other non-white people, who enslaved members of our race and raped our women yet you never hear about those things do you, cause that would be 'Racist'. look into history and your eyes will be opened, and don't just read the history of the victors.
Anonymous what a pussy you are, a woman gives her name yet you hide away you black asshole,Name me a number of things the white race have done to destroy everything and I will point to a Jew, and if not then it is merely part of Nature we are born to live, fight, breed and die and any that deny that will perish.

YOUR ALL WRONG. | Reviewer: MissHollie | 4/17/09

Lamb && Lynx Gaede are not christians. They are WHITE nationalist. They sing songs not about RACISM but about Racialism, being proud of who you are. They were brainwashed by their mother, no normal child would believe in hitler, but, despite this, they are ethiotically german, the swastica, is part of their lives, however you wish to look at it. They are good singers and their songs can be for black people too, think about it, if they were black, they would be in the same position now, but the other way round, so dont think its THEM. they are proud,


Because i think they are good role models from a certain perspective.

darryl cherry is pathetic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/09

all along in history, its been the whites that have been destroying every thing, not other races...so pull your fucking white supremacist head out of your blown out ass, and take a look at the mother fuckin truth, ya dumb ass bitch

Ignorant racists... | Reviewer: Megan (Im not afraid to put my name on something I believe in) | 2/27/09

All of you who listen to this shitty music are so ignorant. God loves all people, so if you believe in these lyrics then you don't believe in god. Race is not important- WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS. Don't ever think that just because your skin is lighter that you are better than anyone else on this earth. And if you're going to be proud of something, be proud of having Obama is PRESIDENT. We have broken so many barriers... so dont reverse what we have already overcome. We are all equal!!

great song not racist! | Reviewer: Darryl Cherry | 2/26/09

I love this song it must be my favourite from the twins Lamb and Lynx Gaede band Prussian Blue. It is no way racist as people have said, I don't think any WN music is racsit expect for some American bands, the songs may have 'racist' words that people don't like, yet i hear nigga, honkey, dumb white blonde whore etc coming from Negro(that is the correct term, just as Aryan is the correct term for pure white europeans)bands/singers yet no one cares, whites are the most hated people on Earth that is a fact, think of this who are the main people in history to of been hated Jews/Negros why because they were the small minorty in white lands, whites are minority in the World so we are hated everywhere that is a fact. Plus we did not all Originate from Europe you fool stop follwing that Zionist Liberal Communist crap. People say whites aren't the most pure and Superior then why were our countries stable with low violence, hear is a history lesson we owned Africa Africa was doing good with low crime yet when we gave it back to the Africans they destroyed it non-whites destroy everything with the expection of Chinese/Japs. How come blacks have archived nothing they are the lowest in the chain. WHITE ARYAN-JEW-EAST MOGOLIANS-MOGOLIANS-OTHER RACES-NEGROS.
How come whites have brought order everywhere brought civilization, arts, music, literature, etc everywhere how come we follow the White calender follow the white days etc.
Anyway the song isn't racist its a pride song, all the time antis say songs of white pride is racsit yet is a negro sings about pride for his race(which i would expect) he is praised for it. WAKE UP ARYANS TO WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOU NATION TO EUROPE TO THE WHITE ARYAN RACE 14/88