Reviews for Hey, Hey Lyrics

------Performed by Prussian Blue | 07/26/2007 12:00:00 PM


You're spot on Roy, the rest of the album is just pure hate preaching. Please provide some sort of reference to back up your claims.

And in response to 'Wtf' - why do you think they've written a banal 'teen' song? Just in case it went over your head, they're obviously trying to demonstrate that they are normal teenage girls, not the (supposed) hate-filled teenage Nazis the media would have you believe. You are spot on about the mother speaking through her daughters though.

I like how you've put 'band' in inverted commas also. I think you'll find these two girls are incredibly talented musicians, especially considering their ages, and it's a shame they were stopped from achieving the mainstream success they could easily have attained purely because of people's dislike of any remotely politically-incorrect lyrics.

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