THE ONE AND ONLY......PRINCE!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Irving | 5/29/07

From the first time I heard him he has been my alltime favorite star!! used to have lots of house parties back in the 80's and 75% of my music got it............PRINCE!!! was at the last concert in Memphis an dHE WAS AWESOME.....telling folks you cant be a KING without being a PRINCE first (referring to Elvis Presley being the KING)

The talented instrumental prince | Reviewer: Kiara Booker | 5/2/07

Wow... It's alot to say about this man he is brilliant, intellegent, and a very extrodinary person. I LOVE ALL, I mean ALL OF MUSIC. Especially my favorite song that goes I JUST NEED YOUR EXTRA TIME AND YOUR DA DA DA DA KISS.. I LOVE THE BEAT AND THE INSTRUMENTS. IN FACT I USED HIM TO DO MY MUSIC PRESENTATION FOR CLASS, BECAUSE HES A VERY TALENTED MUSICAL PERSON AND SINGER. I just want to say keep up the good work and nobody could ever stop you. You are and always will be a role model to me and i'm sure plenty of others.

the most talented prince | Reviewer: deon kirby | 5/2/07

prince is a vey talented person and i have about 8 of his albums and the all rock.

Prince himself | Reviewer: Sara | 3/1/07

Prince is by far the most amazing man. He is incredibly talented and he is gorgeous! He can play instruments that he just picks up for fun better than most proffesionals. His music is such an inspiration and he is basically all i listen too! Thanks to him for adding a little bit of choice to music!

the best man ever | Reviewer: jordy | 12/7/06

he is the best guy ive ever heard of. i have about 10 of his albums n damn i love them all.

brit awards | Reviewer: adele | 2/16/06

he is the best ,what a performance . He is so passionate about all he does just respect his amazing talents

omg | Reviewer: Kelli | 9/9/05

i absolutely love this man. he is the best ever. period.

'nuff said

Pepsi Center Concert in Denver, Colorado | Reviewer: Brenda Crackel | 9/4/04

5 Stars for Prince. This was the best concert I have ever been to. He is a very talented musician and I was amazed at his talent. I come from the old school of music (Purple Rain). After going to this concert, I want everything he has done. I hope to see Prince again. I hope he continues to tour and put on the best show you will every see.