Why Wait For Artist To Die Before We RESPECT them | Reviewer: genionit | 7/30/12

Elvis marginally talented gone, drugs
Ami Whinehouse never saw her rise, yet gone - drugs???
Whitney Houston, Jimi Hendrix RIP
All talents Prince has sustained a massively prolific career over 30 years in a devilish industry that spits you out quicker than phlegm.
The man deserves soooo much more open RESPECT and appreciation.
Thank you Prince,whatta standard to better, love u!

incredible artist | Reviewer: cecilia | 4/13/12

i love prince since 1978.he is extremely talented to which you do not have in todays music.its a shame that we cant listen to this truly gifted artist on the web-i wish he would allow internet to be graced by his talents.where i live in florida,no radio station plays any of his music.i would be so thrilled to hear his art the way it should be-at least on the web if not the radio.i love love love him!

Influenced a new era for me | Reviewer: A | 11/17/11

As an 80's baby (of music lovers), it feels like I've always at least known who Prince was, but rediscovering him in early 2009 literally changed my life. I can't believe I've missed this great music for all of this time - and not just the music, but the aesthetics and style..he's quite fascinating! I have a few friends spread around the country and since I was seeking a new direction in my life, I decided to visit MPLS. Coming from my empty, rural town, it was like a dream for me. I decided to stay and attend an art school here. It was just one piece of the puzzle, but thanks Prince, for being an inspiration and for coming into my life and putting MPLS in my sights. I think this place has the right environment to achieve my dream, just like you did so long ago! =)



Big fan | Reviewer: Brandi Edwards | 9/9/11

I think prince is the greatest. I have always wanted to see prince in person. I love his music. And his movie purple rain. Purple rain is my favorite song and then his song 7. My other favorite song of his is when doves cry. Thank u price u are so handsome. And a brilliant song writer.

You are the Man! | Reviewer: Ms.Turner | 4/11/11

I have seen Prince in concert in 1990..2004 and 2010. His songs are in steady rotation on my IPod. I used to sneak and listen to Dirty Mind when I was younger.
I love him to pieces people misunderstand him and think he’s not down to earth or cool but he is, the songs, the lyrics, his style people should really sit down and listen to him they could learn a thing or two. I appreciate all that he has done ,he takes a chance even if it doesn't work he’s like bump it, cause he's too Cool "aint nobody bad like me”.

the orgin of hip hop | Reviewer: ronald lane | 7/10/10

i was very lucky to be in my teens when a artist name prince came along.he really set the pace for the changed in music.i went to a high school with over 4000 students maybe 500 guys tried look or act like prince in some form or fashion.whether it was it was the way he dress,his hair,or turning lyrics of hes songs it to lines to get girls it was all about prince.his songs was poetic freaky a sound like you had never heard before."excuse me but i need a mouth like yours" you know the song.do me baby started the teen sex carve that we are seeing today it was a winner at every party.i'm 44 now single and the way i deal with a women has a lot to do with his effect on my life at that time.i from the 'soft and wet\purple rain era an it is a blessing to able to enjoy prince when he in the infant stages of his legacy.

Prince | Reviewer: Kelly | 7/3/10

I am 21 years old when i was 6 my dad played the drums and i remember most of the time on the way to church or where ever it was prince or michael jackson playing on the stereo. And when we got home thats what he would drum to and i would play along...My father and I where very close when I was a child and when he and my mother got a divorce it devastated me... so to fill the void that came over me i would put on his cd and and i felt as if my dad was there with me again... I completely fell in love with prince and his unbelieveable talent and the way his music could move my heart... no other artist has done that to me yet it kinda makes me sad cause i don't really feel like this next generation of music is in good hands but who knows what is to come...i wish i was born long before i was so i could have went to concerts and all of that... which something i still dream about and would do anything for i would probably pass out if i met him...overall he is truely a musical genius, an icon, a legend, a prince, and an artist that is so very dear to my life and my heart.
I loved you then. I love you now.
Forever your number one fan!
<3 Kelly

inspiration iz a mutha!!! | Reviewer: EJ | 6/25/10

when i wuz about 4-5 yrs old, i could clearly remember hearing "Soft & Wet" and "I Wanna Be Your Lover" on tha radio. At that time, i wuz gettin' a heavy dose of PFunk and what we call 2day, Ole Skool. i wuz in tha 2nd grade when "Controversy" came out. 1 thing i alwayz know about a song: sometimez, it can sound so good that u 4get how it went. the whole day, u are tryin' 2 figure out how that d*(n song went. from then on it's been a great rollercoaster of a ride!! Prince iz truly an amazing musician and i wish him the best. not 2 knock any1 else, but "producing, arranging, composing and performed by" had me since 1st hearing "Controversy". (can u tell what my favorite cut of all time iz?) i'm 36 and still have the same feeling when a new album iz out. 1 concert, countless cd's, litany of video (including vhs), and 2 kidz later... may u live 2 hear another!!!

bottled up thoughts | Reviewer: Holly | 6/20/10

At 8 I first heard your music from my older brother who listens to Sly, Brothers Johnson, Funkadelic, and other groups. I was already intrigued by your voice. At 14 I had my room plastered with your pictures and by 16 I wished you could be my first lover! I am 41 now and still jam to your music. My kids love you and your life continues to intrigue me. I have been to many of your concerts, enjoyed everyone of them. Something about you is different than all the rest, you have a special kind of sexy going on! Very intense and probably more complicated than the average person could handle. The women that surround you over the years are beautiful to say the least and are in another league from me, that is for sure! But I can see the passion and erotic intensions in your eyes and face when you are on stage, but I can also feel them in your music, so I know it is real. More power to the woman who gets to experience such fire! Thank you for sharing all your jammin music and thanks for being you and not giving a F_CK what anyone thinks!

Just thought You Should Know. | Reviewer: Brian Francis | 2/5/10

I sat and thought about the people that have had a positive effect on my life and you came up. The trip about this life is we spend so much time in the shadows that we miss the beauty of the sun. In my life I’ve seen such sorrow but those experiences have the potential to shape and mold a person into someone that loves hard or abandons the concept altogether. I choose to retain my pearls. How many times has your music moved me, I can’t even count them. When we lost Michael Jackson, we lost so much. I am a Fan of the both of you. I realize that both of you gave and give so much to the people you entertain. Through your music you communicate messages of reality. I think you need to hear this from just a normal person that is not out to get anything from you. If I ever saw you in person I would simply walk over and tell you. I love your music, God bless you. the gift that you have perfected is one that speaks to the nations. Thank you for having the courage to share it. Take good care of you and yours.

Sincerely I do appreciate you.

Brian Francis

Lovin him :) | Reviewer: Tori D. | 12/13/09

Hi i'm like 14 and yea i loved price since i was a little baby lol i used to kiss the tv when i saw him especially in "Rasberry Berett" Omg!! He's soo freakin handsome but,is he gonna be ok since his hip problem and ome i nv knew he was a gemini!! no wonder why he's so freaky lol We Gemini's rock!!! =) But seriously i hope he's ok....cause hip injuries are serious, especially for older ppl no offense or nothin

love prince a big fan | Reviewer: amy | 12/12/09

i ben listening to prince since i was 5 years old and I always loved him and his music. I always had a dream to see him in concert. I got to see him about 5 years ago in concert. It was awsome like I thought. You are the best.

Oh My Damn :) | Reviewer: Tierra | 11/16/09

I know everyone lovez prince im i nthat huge category too every since i saw purple rain at the age of lyk 4 ive been in luv with this guy. no but sseriously i hope he does another u.s. tour and on my bday cuz id die right there neways though princes music is phenomenal the only other person who even comes close to comparing is the one an only mike jack himself. princes music is always sos emotion filled and i become overwelhmed everytime i hear any of his songs. i <3 prince

life long amor | Reviewer: Treva Jones | 6/29/09

Im 36 years old. Love PRINCE to death. Have been a fan ever since I can remember way back since the for you album and contravesy.He is a super sexy individual and most of all he's a very talented man.Can't wait for him to do another US tour.He is amazing on albums dvds and cds but out of sight in person.