Prince owns | Reviewer: khapre | 4/15/09

God I love Prince so much. He is just legandary. As an artist he is absolutely amazing and so god damn talented. Im 17 and only heard his music for the first time about a year ago when I watched Purple Rain and ever since I have researched all about him and listened to more of his music and I am just mesmerized. I am a lifetime fan and so captivated by him. He is AMAZING! And yeah I would definately die for him. Every time I hear his name my heart can't help but skip a beat. <3.

What a Man!!! | Reviewer: Anita | 1/11/09

Prince, you are such a handsome man... I love your music and has been a fan for many years. Your music makes everyday better!!! I enjoy listening to your songs all day long. And when I'm working in a terrible job, I take your CD to work with me, which helps me get through the day, because when I hear your music, it just makes everything alright!!! I hope you know what you're worth, because you have added life to many who lack joy through listening to your music. Keep up the good work. I know your mother is proud of you!!! Prince, you are outstanding!!! Much love, Nita, your #1 Fan in Evanston!!!

cinnamon girl!!!! | Reviewer: allie | 10/6/08

i am 19 and have been listening to prince since i was 2. my father is a big fan of him. i also saw him perform at the garden in boston i one front row tickets.he is a wicked cool person and he is wicked hot for a 50 yr old. i actually had permision to date him if i got to hang with him after the show (only cuz my dad is like his number one fan. my dad and i know all prince's songs word for word and have seen all his movies that hes in and all his music videos. i love prince more than any one for if it wasnt for him i would never have met my wonderful husband so if ya do read this prince i wanna say thanks for your music inspiring me to continue to look for love and not give up.
truely your #1 fan ever

my inspiration | Reviewer: chantel | 7/12/08

I am also 12 years old and I am obsessed with Prince he is the sexiest man alive!! I live in minnesota and prince lives in chanhassen minnesota that rocks out loud so maybe one day i will visit his house if i can get in (be watching guards lol) I am in love with his music looks and from the way he expreses his self it seems like he has a good personality from everyone that met him there is always good feedback about him (i watch vh1 n they have people like sheila E talking abouot him) i love him n i always will i hope to meet you u r my idol i look up to u i dont know if you are reading this or not u probably arent but i love you i am more than just a fan or a groupie it feels like i have met u before and i cry just because i cant be with you or have you beacause your 50 and im 12 i get sick to my stomach thinking about me never meeting you i hope to get to know you and that was from my heart.

prince is my influence | Reviewer: brittany | 3/16/08

im 12 yrs old and i love prince to death no lie hes my #1 influence his music just sets me free and its awsome and real, its all about his life and what happened to him, most people say hes gay and no hes not,hes the best singer in the whole world.....i love you prince 4 life and yes i would die 4 you an i would take you with me even if doves cry soo lets go crazy!!!!

Prince finatic | Reviewer: ragamufn | 12/24/07

I love Prince so much all I listn 2 is his music. Just depends on my mood. Used 2 do talent shows 2 his music wen I was youngr. My friends say i'm his wife, he just don't kno it. I kno all kind of facts and history on him. He my Prince.

betcha by golly wow | Reviewer: vincent | 11/30/07

wen i waz musically superficial(im the fan formally known as Vince), thought MJ was King but now as a grown man and artist as well, prince is the greatest artist i'll ever hear or i'll ever wanna hear.nothing compares to u

Talented Musician On the Planet | Reviewer: Kiss | 9/30/07

Prince is the most talented muscian God has made. God gave him a lot I mean a lot of talent and skills. Keep during what you are during an God Blessed with skills.

"Prince" mesmerizes | Reviewer: Suzanne Parris | 9/25/07

Prince's dancing, singing and all else he does in entertainment mesmerizes people. Especially when they hear purple rain. Their faces light up, they start swaying back and forth and are in a total state of happiness. Of course many other of Prince's songs and performances are exceptional. I will always be a Prince fan.
Suzanne Parris Impersonator Extraordinaire

I LOVE PRINCE!!! | Reviewer: nicole | 7/31/07

i love him so much! he is my fav. singer and he is very talented. when my dad told me that he use to be his bartender i couldnt belive it. and my dad panted his rocks in his yard! omg i was shocked when my dad told me this! i couldnt belive that my dad knows Price!!!!

Inspiration | Reviewer: Brandi | 7/10/07

Prince is such an inspirtation. He is himself which makes him unique. He is the most talented artist ever and he has inspired me to use my talents and be myself as well. I love you Prince!

Most gifted musician | Reviewer: LCCH | 6/24/07

Prince is by far the most gifted man in the genre of music. He has always been true to his own views. If you want great music, choose him!

Prince | Reviewer: rasha | 6/3/07

Prine is the most amazing musician. His voice is captivating when he is and isnt singing. Just by the look of him you can tell he is an amazing man. I love his style and independence he is so dreamy if u will. There is no other musician that can compare to him because he is so captivating and different in so many different ways I love prince.

Hes the best ((deal with it)) | Reviewer: Natalie | 6/2/07

i think prince is awsome and i saw his movie purple rain and his songs are so good and i juz basically LOVE him !

koolkev118 | Reviewer: kevon | 5/31/07

hi i am one of your fanes my name is kevon me and my mom have all most all of your cd>s prince ps buy