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Welcome his world (claypool's world) | Reviewer: ours 3cK | 1/30/12

It was the beginnin' of the 90's and I had a friend who had the chance to go to the USA, once he brought me "frizzle fry" and "sailing the sea of cheese", I was 15 and we were probably one of the few people in France to know and listen to Primus. The first listening was tough to accept, then my friend traduced me the lyrics, I started to like 'em a bit more, yet I ended totally addicted and since then I became their first French fry fan !
Since Herb has gone, Primus's soul too.

My favorite band after millions of mainstream bands. | Reviewer: Larry Mankow | 12/19/11

I listen to Primus and Les Claypool's side projects every day. I got all this medicine off the 'net. I do not own a Primus or Claypool album. Since Limewire was outlawed, it seems this is all I will ever have. Their range reaches so far, that I can live the rest of my life on what I have. I love the live stuff, as well as the studio. I compare him to Frank Zappa, whom I also listen to endlessly. Thank you, Primus.

Guitar Hero 2 | Reviewer: Roniel | 6/22/07

Hey,In Your Song,John The Fisherman,It's So Easy Because I Only Did Medium!

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