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Performed by Primus

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One take for the video | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/11

@LittleKrinkle: It was shot in one take because that was the concept. It took much longer to plan and execute the one take than it would have taken to just film a bunch of stuff and edit it later-- in addition to all the work beforehand, there were many practices before the shoot, and more than one shoot of the take, I believe. I was in the video. It wasn't just one circus, it was a whole lot LOT! of people all with special talents brought together in a warehouse in San Francisco, and everyone got paid afaik. The video is an amazing feat itself.

ode to primus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/10

the lyrics for this song are awesome and creative but these lyrics are slightly off like Now, me I'm sentimental
when its actually now being sentimental and you should have seperated I flip on my tele and I watch the waters die
from C'mon Mr. Krinkle tell me why
other than that its perfect if any one says then know what this song is aboutthere lying the day that someone figures it out e-mail me. till then keep jamming to primus. primus sucks

YES! | Reviewer: Little Krinkle | 2/2/10

The music video for this song was shot in one single continuous shot with an entire circus parading in the background. It is because the cirucs had limited time that the video had to be shot in one take. One of the most amazing songs by primus, even better video. % stars!

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