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Performed by Porcupine Tree

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Gavin Harrison is my favourite drummer | Reviewer: Sam | 11/30/11

I think a lot of people underestimate gavin. Yeh the guitar solo is great, but the man's timing, and just utter creativeness when it comes to contributing to the songwriting from the drumming perspective is genius. Great inspiration to me :)

Genius | Reviewer: DipinderSingh | 6/6/11

Porcupine Tree is a Band worth listening before you die.Steven Wilson in particular is a genius in way to write such Lyrics of great meaning and giving it a tune lik this for example is simply superb and GENIUS...just go through the lyrics n see if you can give it a new tune altogether...n the fact dat this guy writes lyrics of such superb meanings along with the gift of good Guitaring and Vocals its a shame that he is much underrated then his worth.This song introduced me to P.T. and Blackfeild (his other band) and the songs of the album Inabsentia in particular are of the highest level.So i conclude with this words....GREAT SONG...KEEP SUPPORTING STEVEN WILSON

My perception | Reviewer: Sean Garner | 4/5/11

In a more philosophical view i see the deterioration of music not from the masses enjoying skilled music to bassheads who have no idea what a harmony is but from music, being a term of all art not just sound and when sought teaches the individual not only how to compose a harmony but to live in harmony with themsleves. In todays music, through democracy, the lovers of honor are the masses, the masses produce the cash, so then the lovers of gain now control the music and produce rebellious sounds because that is what the masses demand, the lovers of wisdom are so miniscule nowadays, music for them is much less produced then that of the lovers of honor and/or gain, that is if u still wish to call it music when done for the lovers of honor and gain, i personally wouldnt because lovers of honor and lovers of gain have no harmony in their soul. sad but true. At least this is the way i percieve it.

analysis | Reviewer: dylan | 2/22/11

this song definitely discusses the fact that music has been changing over time and will change over time into a much less appreciated "noise" if you will.. Porcupine Tree is one of few bands i have ever come across that understands music on almost every level. Though some of their songs from In Absentia are less than proof of this, there is Deadwig and Fear of a Blank Planet that make them perfectly worthy of writing a song having to do with the quality of music and where its headed... love the song over all. Very Catchy

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/10

seems like this song's lyrics have to do with the decline in the quality of popular music. lots of it's self-explanatory. "soul gets squeezed out/edges get blunt/demographic/gives you what you want" seems to be referring to the "loudness war" in recording, where recent tracks are mastered louder than they used to be, so the "edges" of the music get flattened, and the music loses a lot of its "punchiness" and clarity. steve wilson's a pretty accomplished audio engineer, so i'd bet that's something that bothers him. "silver pills" talks about cds versus the older days, when audiophiles seemed more common, and you had to sit there and pay more attention to your high quality music. i guess not having to sit there and make an event out of listening to your stereo takes away from what you get from your music. overall, a great song.

Meaning of the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/10

Well, as it was said before the guitar solo is amazing! The meaning towards the lyrics can vary according your point of view, its quite a conundrum, simply a perfect imperfection. I recently got into their music and it doesn't end on the surprises it holds to an expectator

whole song | Reviewer: Alex Lafond | 2/24/08

This song starts out great. Great beat, great guitar lead. And when we go into the first versus, we get the feeling of the song. The next few lines are meaningful of this song. We come into the pre-chorus and then you start to know were this song is going to go. We get to the chorus and the sense of what their saying is getting to you. the song continues with a great second versus. a repeat of the chorus happens.
GREAT guatair solo. Perfect!

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