plies 4 life da real deal! | Reviewer: camaray washington | 4/16/10


fake peps out here | Reviewer: casandra | 4/15/10

all of these people are fake out here now cause they tryin to be real like my honey plies but they aint they try to relate to him and dont none off these people know what he is talking about in his music so stop pretending and get real and stop tryin to be like plies cause you caint and will never you boo

ya gurl na-na

sexy black kira | Reviewer: kira | 4/8/10

plies i love yo music and i just wanted to say keep yo head up in da rap game i have being learning my mistake 4rm yo life these are the following songs that i know how to sang da hold song:me&my goons,becky,awsome,blockstar,wasted,medicine,runn my mama crazy and lots of more but just face it im a big fan of your and hope to meet you one day if u would't started yo rap game i would't start listenin to rap i luv u 4rm da bottom of my heart and i be wounderin if u are a freak becuse all yo music go sum kind of nasty shit in it but that OK cause im a freak to dafirst song iever heard of yours was bustitbaby plies u is sexy ass fuck and if i would i fuck da hell out of you plies you are da realist rapper i ever seen that what i really like about u people say they dont like u but who care turn yo back on dem hater they jutz mad they dont got what you got come on now who woult'nt be mad but as yo biggest fan im telling u to kept up with yo rap game and dont let them haterz bring u down fuck them ps.yo biggist and #1fan kira i love ya to da day i die and still going be loving u in my castet now that hard luv

Plies//Kirk Franklin | Reviewer: Evelyn | 4/12/10

i read all of this,, but im just wondering why everyone is saying that him a kirk franklin are brothers, or father and son...
no way father in son because kirk franklin is 6 years older that plies and unless he had him at 6 i dont think so!!
but are they related at all.... NA!!,, i mean they look alike but B R O T H E R S no way!!

i love you pliese | Reviewer: denise | 2/26/10

To tell you the truth plies im from the streets born and raise and there anit nothing i havent seen. It is hard living there but im going to make it out. i plan to be sucessful and be something great.your songs speakes to me alot and i have every album. i love you plies keep doing what you doing.

when my moma meet plies | Reviewer: diamond | 2/16/10

do u remeber when u met my moma in south beach miami ? if u dont ima help u remeber okay u tried to hola at her and and she rejected you and said i gota husband but dats when u first came out wit da song shawty well anyways yeah dats mi stupid ass moma lmaoo just askin if u remeber

i lov plies | Reviewer: raven | 2/13/10

im struggeling to plies because my dad died and im a black gurl i lov you . i know how you feel im going throug the same thinh with mi life that son g you wrote about your family i loved it because it reminded me of when i youst to do stuff wit my dad i mean my dad is a good dad i lov you.

my bust it baby | Reviewer: angela | 1/25/10

damn... you have got to be tha realist!! i can relate to "runnin my mama crazy". i be in the streets and it sure do run my mama crazy! im all about keepin it all the way 100% thats shy i respect you so fuckin much! dont ever stop doin what u doin. and it was NO accident that you became who you are. God had a plan for you all along!!! God bless you! And god bless the real muthafuckas!

speachless.... | Reviewer: keya | 1/19/10

hey plies a big fan of yours i love ur style ... ans ur music my fav song is get you w**.. not a stalker or obsessed...i cant really say i like ur personality cause i bearly know you but from what i seen ur a cool person..hope you come to new york soon ..and preform ..later and god bless you

i'll be whatever just 4 u plies | Reviewer: Lakeisha | 12/27/09

i love you as a person n respect where u came from n the love u have for what u do,i love how u go hard, that's the only way u r going to stay on top of your game,i love everything about u style n your heart,n the fact that u r real street,you are the best rapper ever i never liked rap until i listen to your songs,i love shawty,keep doing what u do, u where born not made to be where u r at in your life,it's a BLESSING FROM GOD,may God continue to bless, guide n protect n keep u always....i am from da 242 Nassau,Bahamas n i would love to see u have a concert here! DDOL

plies | Reviewer: tiara | 11/29/09

plies has really helped me thro some things my husband is out there in the streets i worry like crazy about him hes my everything our son tyheem misses his dad. hes been shot 2 times because of his dad. but one way or another we will make it.

The realist | Reviewer: Tina | 10/21/09

HA feel like such a loser for taking time to write this, i mean plies will probally never read it ..but felt i had to say something on how i feel about plies and his rapping skills. man everytime i listen to his music i be wishing i could be there with him! he be rapping some real shit that people can relate to. real shit that goes on in the streets. family straight i would have to say is the realist shit i can relate too. then the songs he make about women be off the chain!! fuckkk plies has incredible talent fashoe.

I love plies | Reviewer: Gmoney | 10/16/09

Plies is my best rapper. I love him wth da first single get em hatin wth a lot of goons nd da beat was so cul slip n slid studio plies i wud lke 2 c u live , u wsn,t in da attention of been a rapper but nw u ar da greatest raper , u ar my monad ! Plies hate tokin wth haterz his never been hatin he dnt kwn hw it feels , frm ur numba 1 fun gmoney

hypnotized..............really | Reviewer: Melissa | 7/30/09

to me everything you do is the best your voice youl look omg you have me so weak the way you lick your lips. those lips, the words flowing so effortlessly, is their ever another who oozes sex appeal, talent, fantasy all in one. noone but you baby. Im in jamaica and the heat here now cant compare to you. you're on fire..........and i don't mind been burnt by you lol

You just that dude | Reviewer: Delta | 7/21/09

Like Plies, IM in love withyou and your music , and it just amazed my mom when we seen you on a tv show, she said you spoke wit so much intelligence.Like ur just not the average rapper . Im past being a fan, im really like in past being a fan , i fee like i know u and i really understand you. I feel like i am beyond fanism lol because i dont agree with everything you say but im still feeling you , dee