Ur #1 FAN ! | Reviewer: Destiny | 3/3/08

My name is destiny and i'm ur #1 fan.U know ur song shawty is my fav song u every made beside ur song ma song.There is so much to say but I'm running out of time so plese send me a comment of what i wrote you.

miss sexy thang | Reviewer: sheena | 2/26/08

hey wud up... me nuttin here just being bored but i like ur song the r the best i love ur song shawty well i love u so much and im ur biggest fan well add me on myspace baby_boo0708@yahoo.com thanxz ♥ sheena ♥

keep it funky all day everyday | Reviewer: Eve | 2/26/08

yo plies i must say yo album touch me son, i never really had a favorite rapper singer none of that i just chill layback and relax. but you gettin mad close to being my favorite and i aint just sayin that i love the album you was on some real shit. and my to favorite songs gotta be YOU n KEPT IT TO REAL i also liked CHOPPA LIKE MY BROTHA. i would love to meet you some day love you keep doing wat you doing the one and only cutie.

hey sexy | Reviewer: swazi | 2/22/08

you really did your thing on that album i listen to your cd every nite you tha shit boo and that is some tru shyt cuz everybody go thru problems dat is in you album... gud luck and you will alwayz be mi #1bust it baby

real recognize real | Reviewer: quetta | 2/14/08

i missed you when you came to da chucc but i heard you shut it down. on some real shit you a real ass nigga and anyone who feels otherwise can fall bacc and but dey scull, cause plies the shit. and i feel you bout where you come from cause once you lived in it, ain't nothin like da hood. keep mega mixin doin ya thing my goon. mucc love & respect.

plies keep it 100 you heard me | Reviewer: kayla | 2/6/08

plies man your whole cd is bangin out the ass shit. When u said u hood u is hood and thats me hood til ,i die shit and im going to keep it 100 for sho but if some of these lame ass niggas sat down and listen to your music they could learn from it but they dont see that shit fuck all pussy ass niggas. Your music is #1 holla

Ima big fan boo!! | Reviewer: Shelby | 2/4/08

Well jus wanted to stop through n show the love cuz im a big big fan!I listen to ya music well everyday on the real!!Guys always be sayin stuff to me cuz i got a whole album of u on my myspace n they hate n ask me wat u got that they dont lol!!!I wish i had that much time to tell them the many things but ne ways ima jus tell keep that music comin n keep up the good looks :P!!!!
Forever Ya Biggest Fan!!!!

da real lover | Reviewer: diimples | 1/31/08

plies im da fan i swear i had to steal yo cd from mi dad Cuz im 14 and yo cd u knOw has U knw i lub dat song runin mi mama crazie n 100 yrs and 1 mo tyme n bust it baby n bid long kiss lik she cravin walk like she taken body so amazin sEE i lub yo ass beta den lil wayne 28 cant fit n 4 alL hatin he got EM hatin Dee

miss cute pie | Reviewer: ashley | 1/26/08

hi plies well as some people call u algernod i luv your cd the 1 i like the best is on my dick and 1 mo time u are the best rapper out there
2 bad there sum haterz they mad becuz u gotim hatin ard boo i luv u who dont

5hAwTy | Reviewer: Maria | 1/28/08

Oh dam i 1oV3 ur songs. it is one of my favorites!!! The songs make me realize that something in the world can happen wit a guy or gurl. So thankx for giving us songs that we like thank you so much. Oh ya my nick name is also Shawty cuz of ur song and also cuz im short. hope u make more cd's for us fans. halla.

my admirer | Reviewer: Elena | 1/22/08

hey plies dis yo gurl elena i gotta say ur music iz da shit beleive me.when i first herd ur song "shawty" i was like i cant explain when u rap u make me fell like wat ever problems u got u can work them out and sdat is fo real so dis ur gurl elena holla at me when evea please send me a comment on my space i would like that elenavasques@yahoo.com

its the wifey an its real | Reviewer: MEKAYLA | 1/11/08

damn PLIES it's something about you man i got ya cd o and trust and believe me imma getting every cd you make...but you should've seen my face wen i first seen you and heard you songs from my cd...but it's not ya looks or money even tho you are sexy and i aint gonna lie cuz thats disrespectful but i was like i would like to kno him better shit got damn im not about to hold something back that i been wanting to tell you for the longest so here it is I LOVE YOU :)*in imma real ass woman* ya dig Mekayla outta the building so it me ^

well.. | Reviewer: Cheye | 12/27/07

i aint gone say i love u like aw deze uda chiccs out hur cuz to me aw they see is ur money and yo looks, they aint seein the real u, yea they sing ya songs but i don't think they pay attention to what u really sayin but keep doin ya thang an stay true to u no matta wat anybody says

Plies!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Chante' | 12/21/07

Plies i respect all of the things you do especially reaching out to those that are locked up some people tend to forget those locked behind bars, but not you stay on top!!!!!! love you

plies baby girl | Reviewer: barbar a wilson | 12/10/07

plies u is so sexy and i love your song get you wet with pleasure from pretty ricky and 100 years is the shit. my friend always tell me that i luv u too much because everytime she;s around im playing one of your songs. keep them coming baby