anonymous | Reviewer: ebony | 6/28/08

i think you is cute i am so pretty as you i love your music especially your song bust it baby and please excuse ma hands every time the songs come on i just go out of my mind dont think im crazy im just a ordinary fan just like the other.

So Much "LOVE" | Reviewer: DollBaby | 6/24/08

Hi Plies my name is DollBaby.I just wanted to let you know that u are doing your thang.Your Latest album doesn't come out of the stereo I play it everyday.I have LOVE a real nigga,and you are as real as they come.Keep up the"GOOD WORK".LOVE you always DOLLBABY.

Congradulations! | Reviewer: DollBaby | 6/24/08

Hi Plies how are you doing?Well I'm fine.Just wanted to say Congradulations on your new album,You did your thing.I am very proud of you.Even though you don't know me know that I support you 100% you are the the man.Keep up the GOOd work,YOU are my # 1.LOVE YOU ALWAYS DollBaby.OH and Happy Birthday,Ball Till You Fall!

Ree | Reviewer: Sheree | 6/23/08

wats up Plies, this is ree here just wantin' 2 say this. . . .I mean its no need 2 get up here n say how much I love u b-cuz. . .all ya fans adore u. Keep bringin' real stuff 2 da streets, Oh and man u are not the NEXT LIL' WAYNE, . . . nope, u are the ONE AND ONLY PLIES,. . . a lil' somethin' betta. . . .giggles!

REAL | Reviewer: T.M.V. Queen | 6/18/08

Hey Plies I just want you to know that I am one of your biggest fans, and that your music has really touched me in many ways. You are really a REAL azz nigga and I thank you for dat cause the stuff you rap about really changes peoples lives. Like yo song "runnin my mama crazy", I mean everythang you talked about my brother was doing and he didnt realize it until he listened to yo song. But keep doing what you do and keep it REAL!
LUV YOU BOO, wit yo sexy azz!!!!

my baby.... | Reviewer: Plies bust it baby..... | 6/18/08

Dammm plies I love u with alll my heart... u r da best thing that happened in the game... damm babe I'm ur # 1 fan...... the first time I herd u was ur song ms.preety pussy.. I had dhat song on my pg for a hot minute.. Damm plies u r soooo dammm sexciii I love you babe...
These dumb lil scrots need to back the hell off my babiiii PLIES... I love you
..... ur bust it baby....

thank u 4 being u | Reviewer: shenna | 5/28/08

Plies i fell in LOVE wit u when i heard ms.pretty pussy that was the first song i ever heard of ur's. And from there on i was ur #1 fan. But anyway keep doing what u doing and giving the black man and women hope. I just want 2 thank u 4 giving me hope cuz my life was and is crazy as the next person.So thank u and i cant wait 2 see u one of these day. LOVE U PLIES

CupCak3 no FiLLin' | Reviewer: Emm3r | 5/28/08

What up this b ya girl, cuming through to show you some love. I think that the lyrics that you rap is real. I think that you are the next lil' wayne. i do got love for you, and you are my favoritest rapper. I jus want to say keep giving us your all, cus you got it...

Your bust it baby

LADy GRiiMEy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/08

what it iz? well i never really liked you no offense but when you came up with you and buss it baby i fell in love with you quess you can call me a freak and my fave is [shaqty] i sincereyly love you mwah...

cuz im yo # 1 shawty

dat gangsta | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/08

a i fuck wit u plies u one of da realest niggas in these streetz rite now big homie keep yo motherfucking head up n keep preaching fa my niggaz servin life sentences i fucc wit u dawg...... free big gates , big gene n my nigga capone, teezy n the whole 9, fucc u krackers!!!! plies keep spittin

man | Reviewer: Destiny | 4/23/08

ur music is the best music ever said or written.I love ur music and ad what u rap about.When i first heard ur CD i was thinking how u replied the real deal.Running my mama crazy was just like my brother always running my mama crazy and so many other song too.Love u plies!

**Yo No. 1 Buss It Baby** | Reviewer: Jazmine | 4/10/08

wat it iz. dis ya gurl Jazmine. I juss wonna say keep on doin wat u do(wit yo sexy ass) n dat u're song "miss pretty pussy" iz on me n my girlz' myspace page. Talk 2 u soon

- Jazmine a.k.a. yo no. 1
****Buss it baby****

~GUTTA`` BAE~ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/08

whats sup plies u kno i had 2 get at cha! us a 100 nigga and i fucks wit cha but 2 me i love all ya songs but the top 2 that really stood out 2 me is i kept it to real. and goonz lurkin i can relate my nigga but i wanted to show love to ya and to tell u 2 stay true cuz i love the swag my nigga. ~Gutta bae~

lyrics | Reviewer: bust it baby*1 | 4/3/08

plies you are a real example of wat a real nigga's bout and i just wanted to say that i love your music so keep on doin wat you doin don't watch wat haters say just tell dem stop heatin and move the fu*k out ur face.

kell phone:07914796544

tinkerz | Reviewer: tink | 3/11/08

hii plies diz b dat gurl toshae im am ya huggest fan ever... i did some research on u but dnt think im crazziii.... i jus think u is soo and mii best friend b fiightin over u.... c u dnt noe watchu doin to us girlz we goin silly,crazy and some goin stupid over u lolz.... but love ya babez..!!!!!!!