man if i hav the chance to die for u i ill do with pleasure | Reviewer: cosmos | 7/15/09

man anytime i listen to running ma mama crazy i always respect u more , i don't see u as a rapper but a prophet all i have to say is the keep doing what u know how to do best that's is by bringing smile to our faces i am a street child , and i make ma mama cry always .it really kill me to know that am running my mama crazy,thanks plies i really appreciate u and the lyrics

my nigga for life | Reviewer: ricno's | 7/1/09

yeah nigga,really can't explain how i luv to listen to you man, sum time i think n found dat ther's nobody s that realest than you n' ready to bet about. so the way you do it cannot rivalize till the end.your words used to power me,thanks man,keep strong

Hood Chick | Reviewer: Pumpkin | 6/23/09

What it do plies man i see that the women love you and the nigga's want to be you but it good you still doing you. to be on the streets in live that hood life i'm so proud of you man. finally you showing people that even if you lives in the hood you still can be something. i quit college too because i had alot of problems in my life but i'm going back to show my people i can do something with my life then just be in the streets in find trouble. this time man me gwendolyn ann christmas imma do me and shine good luck to you boo hope all you'll wishes come true man i see you got you some freaks on here but nothing wrong with that love to you peace

Casual Conversation! | Reviewer: Temeka Jones | 6/15/09

Hey Plies I just wanted to let you know that I take interest in you. Now dont get me wrong Im not just some groupie who is interested in you because of your fame! You seem like you are a great person and someone cool to kick it with. I really like the fact that you went to college. Your not just street smarts your actually book smarts aswell! I love your talent and just wish the best for you!

Im Yo Bust it BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Cedrillia | 5/5/09

Im yo main focus! plies u is a freak just like me!!2 freaks get 2 gether will make da freakiest!! I enjoy listenn 2 yo music!!! It makes me horny n super wet!! Plies my pussy is fat, its the deepest, wettest, and da cleaniest. My pussy smell like water aint no smell in it!!!!

great singer | Reviewer: atisha | 4/29/09

i feel what ur tlking bout,its real hard living in these streets, from the first time i heard one of plies song i totally adore...i dont kno it the way u kno when u hear his songs in some way u can always relate to it.He just lay it down as it is real gutta style bsides i love the way he sounds wen he raps.i love hear when he sings about women sorta hot lol. continue making us proud. straight from the gutta one of ur biggest fan. xoxoxoxoxo

# 1 bae | Reviewer: shanequa cooper | 4/22/09

piles iz da truth he speaks bout da gutta shit n i like da way he talks about his women i listen 2 plies er day of da week i could b mad n go listen 2 plies n he brightin up my day n his body is so amazin 2 me i luv er thing about this young man!!!

luv # 1 bae!!

Coco's point of view | Reviewer: coco | 4/15/09

My point of view as a female plies is a grate rapper. I love to isten to plies when am mad or even on a reguar basic because every time he open his mouth he not doing it just to hear him sef but i can tell he speak's from his heart and my most favorite thing about him is that he rap about things he know about, things he went through, going through and over come. And i love him for that and most of all he didnt forget where he came from..........looking for da next ablum love ya plies........ya biggest fan...COCO

At First Site | Reviewer: Shay | 2/25/09

when i first seen you it was o he's the real deal he's not like a lot of these fake rappers pretending to be real its like you brought the hood to life in your music and then you never forget about us women who are strong and very highly intelligent you know there's nothing wrong with being strong and freaky...... Keep doin you boo beause i support you in any and everything you do


i feel watcha talkin bout plies and im growin up in a small town where it sumbody gettin shot up everyday man dis shit ruff man but imma up and cumin rapper and im savin mi money hustlin trinna mak it 2 da big tymes like u u inspire me homie keep it up cuz as long as u still in da game WE ALL GOT A CHANCE im out HOMIE!!!!!!

Heyy Boo | Reviewer: Allison | 1/22/09

Heyy plies i luv yo music u inspire my brotha alot and he looks up 2 u and ur 1 of my fav rappers and i see were u comin from boo i was raised and born in da hood, in bronx and its like hell living there but i live in a lil town in farrell p.a. and its betta dere but u da sexiest man alive babii and keep yo head up cuz i believe u cud b da best thing there is................!!!!!!!!

I LOVE YOU PLIES | Reviewer: jasmine | 1/18/09

plies i love you soooo much im your biggest fan i know all your songs i love u i think your so sexy i just wish i was your gurl 4real even your babymama i cant wait untill you come back to minnesota to go to one of your concerts with your sexy ass

real love | Reviewer: lady goonette | 1/11/09

plies really truly u SEXY but it een bour alla dat most gals dem wud jus say dat an only gin wan deal up u jus 4 da fun of it dnt get me wrong na but still you're like a serious person u tlk bout da real tings an i love da way u started to cry wen u tlk about ur bro wen he was in jail an dat how u didnt like da way he told u he if he had to do it all ova dat he wuddnt change nothing an it seems like u was hurt by it i love ur song even dem freaky ones lol i does listen to dem errynow an den cuz ery one has dey freaky days but i love somebody loves u,runnin my momma crazy,get u wet.goons lurkin,put it on ya,want it need it,watch dis,u really is a hard rapper an trust me i am ur BIGEST fan my mumz does laugh at me how i sing ur songs in da shower (lol) an on my way 2 skool an in even wen she starts rowin i jus start singin one of ur tunes dey laugh wen i told dem i will make it my duty to met u but trust me i will any way holla bac at me an link but seriously keep doin wat u doin through it all god loves u an an ur fans love u peace boo luv ya

bac again | Reviewer: lady goonette | 1/11/09

yepp its me again i taught i was done but kno plies if i get to see an meet u only thing u cud do 4 me is say 'WATZ HAPPENIN BABY iTS YA LIL BOY PLIES'lol i think i'll pass out i am 16 an ur song runin my momma crazy it like da same 4 me she wan me to b in skool but my heart een dere but i am makin da best of it all u really inspire me to do better an lok at da world different an look at ppl better cuz i thaught dey were all out to get me but there are sum but there are sum who wants to hepl me any way my big question wen are u cumin to da FREPORT,BAHAMAS so i really cud see u lol much luv

#1 fan | Reviewer: mony luv | 1/11/09

everyone i know says im yo #1 fan. its fun that i have an ear thing. u have some of da sexiest ears ive ever seen. when i was 16 my boyfriend started calling me ms.prettypussy. when your song "ms.prettypussy" came out he called me laughing his ass off. im a 80's baby. 1982 2b exact. i think u a freak like me. i enjoy yo music. it makes me wanna go shake my ass. i have never seen u live or n person. when u came 2 ft.wayne,IN me & my big cuz had tickets. i got pulled over 4 speeding & went 2 jail. i told my big cuz 2 go have fun, and tell u i love u. she came 2 get me after da show. she told me u ask a girl do she got hair on her pussy? then asked if she sucked dick. i wish i could have been there. i wouldve slaped da shit out of her. I LOVE YOU! KEEP BEING DA REALEST NIGGA I KONW!