I love plies to the maximum!! | Reviewer: dashondalynn | 11/12/08

I only got a few things to say. One is that I respect you & what you all about. Second is I hella love you baby! And I am that bust it baby you rap about hubby. So let it be known Mr. Washington, Mrs. Washington is right here baby!:-).. . .

I luv u plies | Reviewer: keyz | 10/13/08

im your # 1 fan i love you music i support your career i buy your albums and everything you are so sexy i got your posters on my walls your picture on my computer screen on my phone i even got a outfit with your face airbrushed on it i luv u plies

i love that a real | Reviewer: esha babi | 10/2/08

i love ur music and i love the way ur voice sounds it makes the music so good to listen too im a huge fan and i love you plies and one day hopefully i get to meet you because i think i would die if i couldn't meet you plies is the truth and the defintion of a real nigga i love you and your music you inspire me to look for a real and not a lame i love u plies thank you for such great music and for being so damn sexy

black goddess | Reviewer: lanequeia,lala | 9/22/08

what it is bay i hope you get this if you hear it yeah that's me the one who been calling that your lil message stuff it makes me mad cause you don't check in on that phone line they play the same music over and over and you know we support you by buying your music so tell me would you keep it real with me and help me with my situation i have so can you help me and soorry about that fan thang i was supposed to be on there but is't good dough holla at cha lil goon,lady salvage 46ave girl

I love you | Reviewer: Ms. Plies | 9/16/08

hEY i know WhAt you hear this all the time but me and my man is your biggest fan. You speak that real shit and we like that. right now he is looked up cause some fake niggas and your music keeps im sane. You keep my head up wit your sexy ass. lol dont tell him i said that lol. but keep speaken the real shit and im will keep listen.
i love you sexy
your biggest fan and futuer wify.

One & only | Reviewer: Maegan | 9/8/08

Ayy...I just wanted u to kna that ur juss amazing at what u do. & it also helps ur gorgouse. Cum on, (LOOK AT U AND UR FINE ASS) lolz U have the most sexiest voice. And them lips boo. ha
Betch ya can do alot with them lolz.
Anyways... I really hope someday i can meet u! TRUST...I WOULDNT WASTE NO TIME! na my attraction for u isnt all bout ur looks and ur talent.
im not bout to say i love u, but i love ur music.
<3 Maegan

Ecole28houstongirl | Reviewer: E'Cole | 9/6/08

hey i truly if a lot of guys were like the way u say u r in your songs alot of women like me would stay happy. I truly like u i cried when u came to houston and i didnt get to meet u i heard u were @ greenspoint seen the pic u took with a homeboy of mine and i came up there in my night pjs. i was on my way to chruch and i just had to go see if u were still there and when i went to the store u were in and talk to the sales people they told me u had just left 20min ago i just shedded tears i truly like u i defend u like u my dude people be hatin on u but continue to be u u r the best thang to rapping to me. love your bust it baby and #1 fan. aka mizz wet wet. like water baby.

omd | Reviewer: j&p | 9/1/08

hey plies wats up this is j here just wanted to sai u r the realiset nigger alive ur songz ur looks ur words everything that u do feels like it cums from ur heart and everytime i hear ur interviews its like god it puttin the words in ur mouth i mean u toatly amazing and special to me and man i mean u alwaiz gown have problem but by god grace u shall seek throught them and many ppl say im ur number wun fan ra ra ra but i am the number 1 fan loool but anywaizz i luv u so much everytime i see u on 106 and park i screeeeeeeeeem loool but to u all peace luv u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Shay | Reviewer: Jashala | 8/31/08


touched | Reviewer: Lina | 8/28/08

i fell inlove with someone, someone i cant be with, just the way we met, he is amazing, 5 weeks out of jail, and trust me i fall inlove with him..

and every word you say, i wished he would listen!
we are now apart because i cant help him.
i just wish he would feel good, i wish he wouldnt have to struggle.

im just so infactuated with your voice and you meanings, and the way u express ur self.. this is so gay but i guess u just ease my own pain..

i smile

thank you, your words motivate, i think ur amazing

much love and good luck!

aBoUt dA hUbBy PliEs | Reviewer: dA rEaL mRz.wAsHiNgToN...pLiEs wIfEy | 8/8/08

pLiEs...i Go 2 evERy concert u got dwn here in da QC...got 2 many n cant get enough picz of u....i swear i listen 2 u everyday...i luv everythang about u....i luv all da songz n i feel u in sum of ya songz...im ya true #1 fan n i knw ima meet u someday b4 i die...I REALLY HOPE....
SOMEBODI LUVZ U..dat song touchez me everyday....luv u 2 much hubby

Real of the Realist | Reviewer: Dominique | 8/6/08

Plies you are so real.You keep it real in everything you say and rap.I want to meet you soo bad and I love you soo much.I hope one day before I die I will get that opportunity to meet you. Love Ya

small town girl | Reviewer: quita | 8/1/08

I love everything about you!!! your swagg is crazy!!! your looks are amazing! i listen 2 your voice everyday. you have a different song for different situations. i love you i love you i love you!

Love Always,
Quita----- from the small town of New Albany, MS

Plies # 1 Bussit Baby! | Reviewer: imani | 7/22/08

plies i luv u so much im ya numba 1 fan i got a scrap book wit yo pictures in it i luv u so much and i jus wanted u 2 kno that mii first song i heard by u was shawty that was mii favorite song fa a hot minute but i I LOVE U SO MUCH!!!

i luh yooh plies! | Reviewer: Miichelle&hearts; | 7/16/08

hey plies. dis ya girl big chelly. i know you hear it a lot but ima say it anyways. you sexcii ass hell && i love you plies. when you sing a song that shit runs through my bodii.
i really do feel what you write. i love you plies. keep it real, as always. love ya numba 1 fan. &hearts;Bust It Babii.