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Performed by Placebo

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Brian Molko & Kate Bush | Reviewer: XxPureMourningxX | 4/9/09

I can always tell when it's a cover -- the lyrical style of Placebo just isn't identical to that of Kate Bush, or in another case Syd Barret. If you really listen to your favorite artists' work, you can tell plainly what is not their own lyrics.

Either way it's a brilliant song, and as a fan i admire Brian Molko's ability to transform other people's music Placebo-style. It's just a pity that in places like YouTube they get such shit for it.

<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/09

I don't think it's about anything sexual or even so much of a break up. i believe it's just simply about a couple that is having a hard time making a decision or getting past something. Love is about being unconditional and standing behind the person you share your life with no matter what.

He sounds like he can't believe that she would want to know how he's feeling about her decision. Her decision to probably not follow him or stand behind him on a decision he's made. It hurts him, so he wants to make a deal with God to trade places with her. I think he's saying that if he could trade places with her, he would do what she won't do for him... he'd probably make her follow him if he was her. or just simply to put her in his shoes so that she knows what it feels like to have your loved one abandon you during a hard time.

The lyrics that say:
You don't want to hurt me,
(her not wanting to hurt him because she is too scared to follow him)

But see how deep the bullet lies.
(meaning for both of them, because they are both torn)

Unaware that I'm tearing you asunder.
(he doesn't realize how much he's hurting her for making her choose)

There's a thunder in our hearts, baby (they obviously love each other incredibly, just don't know how to get through this)

and then the next lyrics:

So much hate for the ones we love
(loving each other so much, but hating the decisions that each ones made)

Tell me, we both matter, don't we?
(for him there should be no question for her to follow him, you either stick by your partner or you don't, and so he feels that he doesn't matter?)

You, -If I only could, be running up that hill
You and me -If I only could, be running up that hill
You and me, won't be unhappy
(if i could trade places with you, i could show you that following me isn't going to make us unhappy. he wants her to trust him)

then the last big lyrics that seem sexual:
Come on, baby, come on, come on, darling,
Let me steal this moment from you now.
Come on angel, come on, come on, darling,
Let's exchange the experience
(i really think this is just him saying to her... put yourself in my shoes once)

Beautiful song + ah-hahahaha! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/09

I found this song while looking over youtube for any new Placebo singles. They've been one of my favorite bands since I was a young teen (which, granted, wasn't too long ago), and I think this is a beautiful cover. It makes me want to finally look into Kate Bush, so if any of her fans here have recommendations, I'd love to hear them.

Also, Mr. 36 year old anonymous smartypants. If you were going to effectively soapbox about "young" people not knowing when songs are covers, you probably should've picked a better example than "Tainted Love." The Soft Cell version was a cover just as much as the Manson version. It was originally a Gloria Jones song. Now, granted, both my parents are music-philes, so most of the music I listen to is older than me; but I'm twelve years your junior and can still tell you that Soft Cell were covering that song too. Whoops.

hind sight | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/09

what a lovely song. i discovered it on my pandora radio. while i dont keep a favorite song for long this is on top right now. wow, hind sight, the closest thing to trading places is the possession of empathy & communication. something that took me around 40 years to be blessed with now. unique threads build the fabric of an individual. not only are male and female different but all. this realization brought me a more broad understanding of all people.

Who cares if it was a cover? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/08

Many songs are covers, many songs are not. In my opinion, this is much better than the Kate Bush version.

Such beautiful words, but this music is too precious, I'm surprised this wasn't an original... absolutely intriguing and heart-wrenching.

Placebo? Kate Bush? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/08

HA! Cracks me up! I being a 36 year old man loved this song when it came out in 1985 by Kate Bush. A lot of bands are covering songs from the start of the alternative music era and now people think their favorite artist wrote it! Now I will say that placebo did a very good cover of it (found it on youtube while looking for the Kate Bush version).. and I will check out some more of their stuff...You would be surprised the amount of songs not written by their favorite band, but are in fact covers. S

Kate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/08

It was strange, I was looking for the original version from Kate Bush on you tube and found this cover. Nicely done! I am an old man (36) and I loved this song when it came out in 1985. Its great to see a lot of bands spinning out old tunes I grew up with. The only thing that pisses me off is when you get some "young folks" who say did you hear that new song from.... little do they know it was written by sew and sew back in the 80's when alternative or "art rock" really started. One fine example is "tainted love" from soft cell and now people to this day still think marylin manson wrote it or the fact that they rip off Skinny Puppy for their stage show...I'm ranting now.. None the less I am going to check out more form this band.

yep i love it! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/08

This song is one of my favourites along with the rest of placebo and other bands. this song makes you truely understand what might happen, it gets you think troubled thourghts, all the same i love it and its beautiful.
good work Brian!

Ace!!! | Reviewer: Kerrie | 1/15/08

Placebo rock ! i was really happy when i found they had done a cover for this just sounds really calm but sad , either way it rocks!!! listen to it now!!!!

One more favorite song in my list ... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/08

Actually I am thankful to O.C. for choosing this song for one of their serials,otherwise I doubt it I'd listen to it right now.The O.C. itself is one of my favorite serials,and the song...the song is just as good as the serial :) I am glad I found it.

Addictive | Reviewer: Hannah | 12/29/07

Omg!! I am completely addicted to this song.

I seriously can't get enought of it. It's 1:49am and I'm sitting here listening to it for the umpteenth time.

I don't really like Placebo but this song is beautiful and so diferent. I really love the way Kate Bush talked about the meaning behind it. Personally I think the cover by Placebo is a better fit the way the music is but whatever.


Oh My God *.* | Reviewer: Push-me | 12/9/07

this music makes me shiver every time i listen to it!!
i loooove it... brian's voice...singing this song is the greatest thing ever...

kwjhdjahbdkd ... i just don't know how i feel about it... i love it so deeply :D

how sad a song can get?! | Reviewer: nazli | 11/26/07

i love placebo, and i used to love this song, thus am overwhelmed to hear this cover. magnificient! i can't get enough of listening to it :) so tastefully sad, as always..thank you brian!

song is a cover! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/07

the song is a cover...originally by KATE BUSH.
she actually explains what the song is about:
( got this from wiki)

The song itself has often been misinterpreted. Kate Bush herself has said, "I was trying to say that, really, a man and a woman, can't understand each other because we are a man and a woman. And if we could actually swap each others roles, if we could actually be in each others place for a while, I think we'd both be very surprised! [Laughs] And I think it would be lead to a greater understanding. And really the only way I could think it could be done was either... you know, I thought a deal with the devil, you know. And I thought, 'well, no, why not a deal with God!' You know, because in a way it's so much more powerful the whole idea of asking God to make a deal with you. You see, for me it is still called "Deal With God", that was it's title. But we were told that if we kept this title that it wouldn't be played in any of the religious countries, Italy wouldn't play it, France wouldn't play it, and Australia wouldn't play it! Ireland wouldn't play it, and that generally we might get it blacked purely because it had 'God' in the title."

GOOD AND PERTURBING SONG | Reviewer: Susana | 10/28/07

I can't help feeling sad and worried every time I listen to this song. And I have a new perspective since I listen to it in CSI's 8 season. It sounds like a farewell... a painful farewell.

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