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Performed by Placebo

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Ahhhmazing | Reviewer: That girl standing over there | 1/24/10

I love how they break out and challenge gender stereotypes whilst staying so desperate, intense and so powerful. This is deff. a favourite song along with Special K, Battle for the Sun, Post Blue, Nancy Boy, Brick Shithouse, Meds and ahh, there's so many more!

mm whatever | Reviewer: Mona Mayfair | 5/8/07

jaja i love placebo .. but i think that nightwish is better than placebo jaja whatever i like so much this band

I Do bloomin rocks | Reviewer: hannah | 11/26/05

i only discovered placebo by chance at a friends party! now they are easily my favourite band! I Do is one of their best songs and easily matches up to all their earlier work!!! it's brill

I do | Reviewer: Cassie | 7/12/05

I love this song - it is quirky, sweet, light hearted and catchy - the lyrics are pure Brian. I would love to see a video clip for this song.

Wow! Palcebo rules!!! | Reviewer: Stormer | 1/17/05

Desperate and intense: the two "trademarks" of Placebo. This is a great song.

I adore this song | Reviewer: Nicky | 12/30/04

Placebo has been my favorite band from 96' and running, and this song is their latest and greatest if you ask me. This has quickly become my new favorite song, topping My Sweet Prince, Protege Moi, Special K, and 36 Degrees. <3

I Do. The best placebo song ever! | Reviewer: Becky | 11/13/04

This song is definately a very good contender for the best placebo song ever! The Bitter end, This Picture, Special K and Protege Moi are all close contenders as well, but I Do is definately the best!

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