I feel this | Reviewer: MissyT | 11/16/2008

this song explains exactly how i feel.. cept its ma boy dats pushin me away
i didnt even know that shit was goin on until i read his email
i cant handle this t? why u play me like this? all i wanna do is give u ma everything

ps this song really helps! i love it... it illustrates everythang deep inside

the words are true | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/2008

Me and my girl have been 2gther 4 3mnth and I found out she hadda abortion b4 we got serious and lyk since then she's been pushing be away lyk she wants me 2 leave. I kno she dnt feel du same cuz I dnt either. I wanna b wit hur but now itz lyk we dnt c eye 2 eye n e more this song is from me 2 her. Baby I love you but dew u love me?? -rachel(rocky#20)