Inspiration | Reviewer: Raylene | 9/14/07

First... Pitbull's music and beats is hott. I'm from West Palm Beach and its crazy down there i got alot of family in gangs and jail and everything that he spits is real talk so alot of its inspirational especially when that song came out thats talking about his best friend and father dyin on El Mariel touched me cause in deland florida where the tornado hit my bestfriend ended up dyin and the song helped me get through that. So thanks to Pitbull for everything he spits in the music keep it up dawg. ~Raylene

Sexy | Reviewer: ALEJANDRA | 5/5/07

damn i gotta say que ese cubano got it goin on for realz! me encanta como canta y su acento es muy sexy. he's got the best beats and tight rhymes but i gotta say que me gusta cuando canta en espanol muchisimo mas que cuando canta en ingles. canta muy bien en ingles tambien pero su acento en espanol me facina y me pone bien CALIENTE! i love you pitbull!

Este guey es el fuego! | Reviewer: Fly_Boi | 3/11/07

First of all...PITBULL keeps it poppin on all his tracks...even DIME Remix on the El Mariel album is da hotness...for all the people that dont speak spanish that like to bump Pitbulls music...its aight pero...its a whole different type of music if you speak spanish tambien...and im a white boi que aprendi entonces no importa posible...Thanks to Pitbull for puttin all that he puts into his music and keep it poppin'~Chris

I love you and your music | Reviewer: Sandi Mares | 2/21/07

omg...i cant belive im e-mailing you. I love your music so much, and u r cute to...even though ur Purto Riceno and im Mexican dats ok. Cuz u no dat sum of us Mexicans and Purto Ricans do not get along fro nothing...but yea...

Pitbull da Hottest la Chicko | Reviewer: | 1/1/06

Pitbull is the hottest spanish rapper which produces both spanish and english songs. His songs make me feel good and makes me wanna shake my culo! He is my favourite rapper!