GREAT Song! | Reviewer: kw | 8/5/07

I am 48 years old, married w kids - I remember the dating scene and the guys in the bars who were just sure you were going home with them, even when you were in their face (the phrase now is "what part of NO don't you understand?") - this song is GREAT- I'm encouraging the attitude in my girls. It rocks! It's funny!! and it's soooooooooo true!! I love it! I don't have to agree with her lifestyle, tatoo's, hair color or the way she dresses to appreciate this song!!

Empowering & Addictive! | Reviewer: Austintacious | 8/3/07

I think that it's great to hear a song from a strong woman who knows that she is in control of her life and her actions. She can tell the boys "it's just not happening" and she's right to do it. The language? It's appropriate in the context that it's used and the song would be a much weaker one without it. Underage? Don't understand? Wait a few years honey. Want her to say more positive things? Oh pu-leaze, you lead a narrow life if you can't have both your religeous beliefs AND get drunk and not give a f*** from time to time. Her point is, She's sexy, she's having fun, and nothing gives you the right to put your paws on her just because she looks good. Good girl... and her voice just rocks! Yes, and this review is coming from a GUY!

The song You & Your Hand By: P!ink | Reviewer: Beautiful | 7/18/07

Yo, This song is so kool I luv it P!nk thanks 4 making the kool song I sing it every day this is the kinda song us girls want to hear its a very ture song I luv it ok well i have to roll PeaceOut From: Your Girl Beautiful

pasion for life n music | Reviewer: Daniela | 7/11/07

This song is asume the cool that u right songs like that, gets girls like me the courage to stik up to guys. Thanx

cool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/07

Pink is OK! I like the meaning of this song but not the fact that she used some of the words she did.

U aNd YoUr HaNd | Reviewer: Roxy | 6/21/07

Best song eVeR my bf and i listen to it EVERY time we have sex! It loosens me and him up!

My Comments | Reviewer: Kaitlan | 6/13/07

Sorry about this review, but I think she swears to much in the song.. such as saying stuff about boys and drinking...
I just reckon that this song is WRONG!!!
By the way im "underaged"

You & ur hand | Reviewer: baby J | 6/12/07

I love this song so much...
who does'nt LOL....

ROX MY SOXS!!! | Reviewer: morgan | 6/5/07

she is like the greatest ever I LOVE THIS SONG!!!
i listen to this song like never gets old

money? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/07

give me the money

Please explain how this is empowering?

this song upsets me | Reviewer: Christy | 5/27/07

Hi. I really love the tune of this song and it gets stuck in my head easily. It just upsets me because we could have more positive things to say than "i'm drunk and i dont give a ****". ya know what i mean? christians should stand up for christ these days and say that cursing our Lord and savior is the most ignorant thing ever!!!! come on some one help me out here!

love it | Reviewer: krystal | 5/27/07

u in your hand is totally awesome.and it was #1 on the american top 40 by ryan seacrest

About the song You And Your Hand performed by Pink | Reviewer: Shelbi (rockstar) | 5/11/07

OMG...I LOVE this song!! I listen to it all the time! It Rocks and trust me I know what rocks thats why they call me Rockstar!! Pink Rocks!!!

<3 ya, later!

music lover | Reviewer: music lover | 4/30/07

I love this a guy and ya i act the opposite so the girls dont think im an ass...thats why i have most girl friends

Heres what i think......... | Reviewer: Kayla | 4/30/07

I think that you and your hand is one of the must awesomest songs that i have heard!!