Rhiannon | Reviewer: Rhiannon | 4/26/07

This song is the greatest. I don't mind that they play it often. In fact the radio needs to play it more. Every time this song comes on I turn up the radio and jam man.

my review | Reviewer: chelsea | 4/23/07

its ok but over played

awesome song!!!! | Reviewer: taylor | 4/14/07

omg this song is so true guys these days just need to get a life girls just dont go out to get picked up we just wanna have fun! and we dont need a guy to have fun guys can go home alone!!!!!!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/07

OMG i love this song. i always loved pink!!!! she is my favorite singer in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i ♥ pink and this song!!!!

Great! | Reviewer: Cassendra | 3/12/07

I love this song! It's so great! I have to listen to it all the time!

19/01/1990 | Reviewer: Adam | 2/27/07

I love her. She's beautifoul, and she has great voice. PINK 4EVER

pink | Reviewer: marceau | 2/22/07

it is super! I love pink "you and your hand"
c'est supper j'adore pink "you and your hand"

This song rox my sox | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/07

Love this song, and it is so right. not everyone goes out to pick up. i have a bf and i go out nearly every wkend