sadly:( | Reviewer: merp9889 | 3/8/12

Unfortunetly i found this amazing song a little late:/ i wish this message gets into every teens mind and they realize some guys will try and get you with theyre sweet talking and promise your the world tothem and shit when rly its about the " hit & run" :(:( i learned BIG TIME from the day!!:(:( that its all not worth it cuz now that guy dsnt talk to me and flirt with all the girls he would tell me he hated or didnt like anyways i wish the best for all the girls and women out there think before you make a mistake!!!!:) # BE STRONG!!!!<3

music lover | Reviewer: jackie | 1/9/12

If you can't relate to this song then its not for you, if you hate the song so much and can be so mean about it then you've got some deep issues. Its a real song for real people, not for self righteous fucks that live in their own fucking 'la la land. If you can't relate to the lyrics or enjoy the tune calm down, pull yourself together, don't listen to it and mo-zie on off.

Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/12

This song is just asinine. Lacks a strong or haunting melody, or intelligent lyrics for that matter.
A monkey with a typewriter and keyboard could do better. She also cannot sing very well at all.
In fact she barely sings in the song at all, just talking with a rhythm.
Lack of pitch, or should I say lack of variation of pitch, and monotonous tone..
Whoever believes this is good singing, obviously has not been exposed to true music,
and based on the comments, can't spell either.

it's ok i guess | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/11

"Keep your drink, just gimme the money"
Pretty much sums it up. hey fanboys, wonder where Pink is now? though tbh she wasn't as bad as lady gaga. not that anyone will know who the fuck lady gaga is in 5 years time

stfu | Reviewer: alyse jofre | 9/6/10

shut the fuck up all the haters of this song, cause what you consider "stereotypes" mentioned in this song, actually describes most guys. Also so what, this is Hollywood babe, and it doesnt matter what the fuck u guys think because this song rocks, and Pink is tanlented so all the haters out there you dont even understand how much voice and talent she has!

Me and my Brother's song!!! | Reviewer: Roxy Smith | 7/23/10

This song is so me and my brother's song..he thinks he can get anything he wants if he buys me a couple drinks and tells me that that i look halfway decent tonight!!!! When is he going to learn I am NOT his property ANYMORE!!! GIRL POWER!!!!!

8/21/07 Anonymous | Reviewer: Caroline | 3/26/10

This is exactly why pink.. or any of us for that matter don't need to hear you're fucked up shit that is shooting out of your mouth. You don't even understand the message as to what this song is portraying/sending. It is telling young girls and woman of any age that we were not put on this earth to be treated as sex objects..let alone being used for the night for a God damn few drinks for their over acted bullshitting compliments and pick up lines that they tell young girls what they want and know what they want to hear to get them softened up for a good night with the young female. Most older woman already have the wisdom to know the difference what these guys are all about and exactly what their intentions are.

I always tell my 15 year old daughter to listen to the lyrics of this song because it's real life..Anonymous !

Men think that us woman are all going to be flattered by their bullshit talk and open our legs up so they can have a good night and not to be known or respected the next morning.

Woman are here more for the likes of just eye candy for men. For God sake ! Don't you get it..really ? Because.. let me tell you something. If you don't get what this song is about.. you are either 3-4 things. You are a ( Dick head man ) like one that she is singing about in her song...Maybe a little teenage girl that is naive and needs to listen to this song over and over again in the hope that you finally understand the meaning..also.. I hope not a woman that falls for this shit..
Finally.. an uneducated ignorant ass ! The meaning's still go on........

Pink Rocks On.... | Reviewer: MommaDude | 10/1/09

am a mom with 2 teen kids, lived this out in the late 70s in bars and then at work when kicking down the doors for equal pay, respect and child care stuff...progress has been made, yes, but not we still need Pink's incredible talent to keep an ongoing female ballad/mantra alive, like this one...doesn't matter how she dresses or the language (didja ever think of it as an ACT? I love all of it) s rebellious, yes! and is supposed to be! you don't have to agree with her, but ALL women are off limits to the groper no matter the situation...even if she flirts initially, it doesn't give a "dickhead" a green light or mean anything more - just showing some brains and respect may earn you a phone number, or you maybe even get lucky... it is troubling that the 2009 norms to not appear to have changed during the past 35 years and that is just sad...but on an upbeat note, a lot of the (younger) guys writing get it and that gives me hope.

1 of a kind | Reviewer: cc | 7/8/09

To me Pink really nailed this song.I mean she really took an inspiring message and turned it into a really good song...just cuz rtheres some cusing doesnt mean its a stupid song.Men need to learn that if they see a hott women be polite and maybe buy her drink .Dont spill it dont try to run there hand up the girls dress!!!Just warm up to her ...Gooo Pink

Need a babysiter, Well email me!!! | Reviewer: Kaylyn | 10/9/07

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This song Suxxxxx | Reviewer: Non-believer | 10/4/07

The only time I would think this song was good was if I was in Junior Freakin' high... It's stereotypical and just boring. Besides, does she not think there aren't other whores in the bar besiders her that men will go home with, she is dreaming if she thinks that she is that important and attractive.. She ain't the only one in da club...

Awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/07

I like the song and the message. There is absolutely no need for women to sit around and be degraded just because they want to go out. Getting dressed up and going out with your friends is NOT asking for it. U Go Girl!

Perfect song.... | Reviewer: Phil | 8/26/07

Perfect.......just as she is. I would much rather a woman express her feelings and be a woman, rahter than a slapper that enjoys putting it out, and random guys putting their hands on them for them to win a $5 bet.

Fair enough the song is pretty strong, and yes swears (as someone quoted) but to me it emphasises her feelings like she is singing the song to a guy who is having a "dress me down" after telling him to sod off!!!!

I'm a male DJ and play the "Bimbo Jones" remix of this and its loved by anyone on the dancefloor. My most requested song by far!

Cant fault it.....

Impleccable | Reviewer: Madeleine | 8/24/07

This song is Impleccable! Flawless, perfect, magnificent, amazing and summa sumarum of this is that Pink has made a great song become unquestionably good!

Gross!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/07

I'm sorry, this song is just tasteless and gross. I don't think it empowers anyone. It just portrays the traditional stereotypes between stupid men and trashy women. Oh yeah, THATS positive!! Not to mention a child could write a better sounding song whacking beat up garbage cans with sticks.