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Performed by Pink

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Great Song | Reviewer: Xandra | 9/14/07

It made me think of the past also...though I do still remain friends with my ex bfs if they wish to do so. There's always that one you never completely get over.

best friend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/15/07

The only thing i got out of this song is that i miss my best friend alot and whenever people tell me that she is gone i want to punch them. Cuz it hurts and imiss her alot she was the greatest bud anyone could have ever given me and i miss her. Tomtom was my best friend and this song makes me cry. cuz all i could remember was the good times!

o.o | Reviewer: May | 9/10/07

Wow, I can't stop listening to this song.
It gets to me.. and it brings back memories
I wish I never got. :/
It makes me cry. >.<
Cause I think of my ex :x

<33333333 this song.

who knew? | Reviewer: J M | 9/8/07

I agree with most of the comments on the page. I feel that the words speaks differently depending on your situation. But the overall theme is lost. whether it be death or break-up, the message is clear.. you never know what's going to happen in the future. I had to listen closely to the words to grasp the death concept... I love the lyrics!

WHO KNEW | Reviewer: Andrea | 9/5/07

Wow this song makes you think of so much. but in the end I think of my ex boy friend. I miss you;=}

who knew | Reviewer: kristin | 9/1/07

I love this song...The first time i heard it the lyrics spoke to brought back past memories that i never thought i would think of again. I cried and then i thought of the life i have now and that it could all be gone so cherish the time you have cause it could all be gone. When your with someone dont scared to let whoever your with to have your might work between you and him or it might not so keep close to the memories you have good and not so much bad..let him know how much he means everyday
cause..When someone said count your blessings now
For they're long gone
I guess I just didn't know how
I was all wrong
They knew better
Still you said forever
And ever
Who knew

Yeah yeah
I'll keep you locked in my head
Until we meet again
Until we
Until we meet again
And I won't forget you my friend
What happened


about the song | Reviewer: Haylo | 9/1/07

hey, i'm 21 years old,i'm sure some of you have had this happen...

theres a guy or girl you like and it hurts so bad you think you can't have them and then all of a sudden you find out they like you too, but it took so long to find that out, you spend one awsome nite together and then before you know it they moved away and you hardly see them again ever....

well i was in love with this guy and i thought well since i'm gay...most likely he isn't...which hurt so bad...and then one nite at a party i was talkign with my best girlfriend about it and she said hold on, she whent to a different room and came back an hour later and told me...."he likes you too"...i almost was amazing the feelings i felt and how i felt that something that could never happen finally happened i was so happy, and then off he went without so much as a goodbye...i talked to him on msn mabey a word or two but nothing more...and then on a trip i was stoping off in london and saw him ...he gave me a hug and we talked for hours...i know he still feels the same way about me but the distance is crazy...i shared a kiss and like the song says "that last kiss i'll cherish untill we meet again"...i hope i see him again..god this song makes me cry evertime i hear it...i guess i'm just an emotional guy lol...i hope this song helps you guys through life, it's helping me hold on...

the song is actually about. . . . | Reviewer: Audrey | 8/28/07

the song is about her dog elvis. he drowned in her swimming pool. it says it's dedicated to the five people she loves the most in the thank-yous on her album. Elvis was given to her lisa marie presley. i no it sounds wierd when she goes "That last kiss I'll cherish" but it mightve gotten her singing about death in general

Love it! | Reviewer: Angie | 8/28/07

I absolutly love this song. I did since the first time I heard it. However, it took me a couple of times to really get the meaning regarding his death. I don't necessarily think it was about a drug overdose. Am I missing a message in the lyrics?

Love it | Reviewer: Angie | 8/28/07

I totally love this song, did from the first time I heard it. Although it did take a couple of times before I figured out that he had died. I am not sure that he died from a drug overdose though. Am I missing a message in the lyrics??

I Love This Song. | Reviewer: I Miss Him. | 8/25/07

This song takes me back so much.
and reminds me of my ex boyfriend
we were together off and on for three
years. and throught those three years
i never had feelings for nobody else
not even a little bit. and it makes me
remember when he told me he loved me.
and wanted to be with me forever and ever
and never wanted to lose me. ever =[

Amazing | Reviewer: Phedre | 8/25/07

I think this song means a lot of things..a break up, a death, someone moving. It just makes me appreciate my boyfriend, and the time we've had, because it could be gone tomorrow.

about da song | Reviewer: liz | 8/21/07

da first time i love it so much made me think back at my life n how much i been thu in my life all dat she say in da song every word she say is ture n dat u never going to 4get da past no matter wat :(

i think | Reviewer: Ashleigh | 8/19/07

i think this song is about a bad break up (not about someone ODing on drugs)

Thoughts | Reviewer: Dallas | 8/10/07

The very first time I heard this song the words made a bunch of faces pop into my head. Faces that I don't get to see anymore. It also made me think of situations that I can't get back or have again.Either way it makes me cry but alson puts a smile on my face because it brings back memories I haven't had in a while.

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