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Performed by Pink

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my boyfriend | Reviewer: val | 11/3/07

I was dating my boyfriend for about 5 years on and off. The fifth year we got extremely close and had started talking about marriage, a house, kids, and pets. for some reason we broke up in i think may... i couldn't stop thinking about him and on his birthday (july 4) i was going to go and talk to him to see if we could get back together because i couldn't live without him. i got a phone call on july 2 from my best friend who also happens to be my boyfriends cousin.. she said don't watch the news, i'm coming over. my first thought was her great grandma had died. she got to my house with her mother and they sat me down. this is what she said.... "honey i'm sorry i'm the one to have to tell you this..... eric was in a serious accident... he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle to work.... he died....." i was heartbroken, and two days ago my bestfriend heard this song on the radio and she thought it reminded her of someone but she couldn't think of who it was. the 4th time she heard it that day she had her aunt listen to it. she said the same thing, it reminded her of someone but she couldn't think of who. the fifth time she heard it she suddenly remembered who it reminded her of... me and my boyfriend. no i had never heard the song before and she had me watch the music video. when i got done i was crying because she was right and i missed my boyfriend.

R.I.P. Eric i love you hunny

soul mate | Reviewer: Don | 10/20/07

this song brings me so many memories. first time i heard it i couldn't stopped crying. my bf and i were together for almost 5yrs we moved in together after two months of knwoing each other. on our 1st anniversay we dicided to just stay at home and order in. on his way to pick up the food he got arrested & i thought he had left me..cuz he never came home that night. i felt like crap cuz i guess it was my fault cuz i didn't want to go anywhere that night! we were together 24/7 we just couldn't be apart from each other for not one minute. he even asked me to quit my job so we could spend even more time togther & i did, we would often say that we were soulmates & that we were gonna be togther forever & that we were gonna get marry. he would call a radio station & dedicate me a song constantly. he made me feel complete when were together.i felt empty when he wasn't around me. it was just beautfil to wake up next to him he was everything to me. he said that he would kill him self if something ever happen to me..but i cheated on him twice first time he tooked me back and the second one i made a choice of not going back with him because i thought i wasn't worth it. he's deserve alot more & alot better than me! even now, we see each other everyday & we can't be apart from each other. even thought we are no longer bf's, we still keep saying we are meant for each other. i miss him alot ' ..i miss his beautiful smile* i regret eveything & realize that he is my soulmate & is just too bad i can't have him.

MY STORY | Reviewer: QUINN | 10/23/07



Missin the good times | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/07

This song reminds me of the way that things USED to be. The "first loves". And it really kills me to think that everyone was right when they told me it wouldnt last. But i chose to believe in the forever that he told me. It got me nowhere with a broken heart doing stupid things that i regret so much.

Seems as though... | Reviewer: Angela | 10/18/07

this song brings up many memories. Some sad, some happy, and some downright confused. This is a nice song, it's calm and mellow.
Although it brings memories to other people, it makes me think of the present. Being rejected by this one boy. People near to my heart dying. Stuff like that.

I LOVE THISSS SONG! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/07

I love this song.
The first time I heard it reminded me of my ex boyfriend and I broke down and cried in my office.
My ex boyfriend moved to Puerto Rico and I didn't see him for almost two years and one weekend I was talking to him on aim before I went away and the night I got back I was told that he died.
I'll always love him and I miss him dearly.

May he rest in peace!!

I Still Miss Her | Reviewer: Brianna | 10/17/07

The first time I ever herd this somg, I cried. It brought up so many memories about someone who is and always will be an important person in my life. I had known her my whole life and then she married this guy, well I had only known him for two years and almost as soon as I turned 13, him and his brother raped me. I loved his wife, I was babysitting for them. They had twins, only one and a half years old, a boy and a girl. His wife ment so much to me that I would have done anything to keep her by my side. Well once I told she came over to my house and told me it wasn't my fault, and that she loved me and would never leave ma and was sorry she let something like that happen to me. After that night I never saw her again, she ended up staying with him. Him and his brother didn't go to jail until this past August. This happened in March of 06.

Anyways This just brings up the times I had with her and how much she really ment to me. She also looks a lot like pink. I truley miss her. She was my hero but now she can't. But I will always love her no matter what.

This song makes me cry everytime I hear it.

I miss Denise.

neverending. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/07

I really love this reminds me of my ex boyfriend...we still tlk but I do have another bf but me n my ex had something else...we dated for almost 3 yrs n promised he'd never leave n all my friends would tell me when he leaves you'll see...n the way he left me was horrible...he changed so bad n just was posessed for awhile n that's when he left....I will never forget him n evn though we tlk n he has changed again...back 2 normal I still tell him I miss him so this song really strikes a chord..

nearly three years..... | Reviewer: Jeannie | 10/14/07

When I first heard this song it reminded me of my first love. I cried. This December 1 will be the three year anniversary of the last time i saw him. He moved away to Iowa when I was 14. The last lines really got to me because when he and i gone out a few years before we had never kissed. But i kissed his cheek when i was saying goodbye. It's something i'll always cherish....

Still Beautiful to me | Reviewer: Hector | 10/10/07

This song brings to mind so many memories, some dear, some confused. Reminds me of someone I regarded as more than just a best friend, she was everything to me.beautiful, but her beauty was not just physical, I really loved her smile...but something went wrong and my health fell apart and then it seemed everything fell apart. Suddently she wanted nothing to do with me, it was like a bad dream. The sickness got me and my memory was compromised, so was my whole body and being. I am sure that my sudden change scared her away and for that I am so sorry. I always told her that she deserved the best and now as sick as I am, I dont know if she is scared to be near me. I miss her anyway, but since she let me know my calls were no longer welcome (who knew), I just hope she will call me someday. Seems like I dream about seeing her and then everything is ok. Seemed like we were meant for each other, but maybe is was only me who thought so. But the song gives me hope that maybe she is as sorry about how things went, as much as me. I dont think she understands how much she means to me, so for now I keep her memory locked in my heart, until I can see her again.

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