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Performed by Pink

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<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/11

This song reminds me of my exboyfriend... We were together for 4 years and I thought that we were going to be together forever. But we did broke up and I recall the entire relationship thinking we'd never part. And how blind sighted when it did happen. "Who knew"

:( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/11

I had a bestfriend, she was my cousin, close like a sister. We were one year apart & bestfriends since she was born. Inseparable, had hilarious times & we made sum of the best childhood memories. Our family is really screwed up & we both understood eachothers problems, delt with the same issues & had eachothers back. I would have " punched anyone out" if they said we wouldn't b friends or whoever try to hurt her. A yr b4 my freshman yr a girl moved from Vegas(she's my cousins age) & we were all friends. Wen I was in highschool they were still in el. She chose the other girl over me. & tho I tried to b her bestfriend(she live 4 houses down) she just changed & was different. It broke my heart. We talk if we see eachother but I can't help but feel a big hole in my chest. It's been 6 yrs since I lost the best friend I ever had. She chose a girl she knew 1 yr over her bff of 14yrs. We helped eachother cope with our abusive parents/guardian. & wen she was gone my faith & strength was gone. I felt alone. this song is exactly how I felt & still feel about it all. Who knew...

who knew | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/10

I was with my ex-boyfreind for almost ten years.He said it would be forever,he would never love anyone else ever.I considered him my best friend.But I let him go to see if it really was forever.He now found someone else.I hope that really is forever.I miss him,but I wish him the best and this song reminds me of him.Thanks Pink I love this song.

One of my favorites | Reviewer: April Boyer | 10/30/10

What a great song. I was in elementary school when this song came out, and every time I heard it, I couldn't help but to sing along. With the lyrics along with the music,it was definitely one of those tunes you could get stuck in your head.

i love it ! | Reviewer: charlotte | 6/2/10

i love this song no matter how upsetting it is , it kind of reminds me of me and my ex boyfriend,
but i left him ,he shown me the way and said he would love me for ever , but he changed and huged another girl ,one of my best mates
and i wouldnt think that would of happend and like in the song if someone told me that i would definatly stand up and push them .....

RIP William | Reviewer: Holly | 12/4/09

This song was very ironic the first time I heard it. My sister's boyfriend and the father of her three kids committed suicide a year and a half ago. I am very close to my sister, and because she was with him for 8 years, I became close to William also. He was disturbed and he didn't live life the way I did, but I accepted him and vice versa nevertheless. William loved music and always liked Pink. He always burned CDs on the computer. The one and only CD he ever burned especially for me was a Pink CD. It does not contain this song (it was a previous album). This song came out regularly on the radio right before he died. I definitely understand where Pink is coming from with this song. "I keep his memory...Who Knew?"

luv it | Reviewer: nessa | 9/30/09

i luv dis song and i luv pink i cant wait til ha next concert
i will be attending it i dont care how much i have to pay !!!
i listen 2 this song all the tyme i listen to this song every night while im going to sleep i cant stress how much i luv this song....

:( | Reviewer: Taliyah | 9/22/09

This song makes mee cryy. wen i first heard i was like watever but like acually listening to it, makes u think about past relationships nd stuff. but the chorus makes me cry even more though..i heart p!nk

The meaning to this song... | Reviewer: Joseph | 7/20/09

If you did not know...this is about Pink's drug friend who she went to his house and found on the floor overdosed on drugs. She tried to save him by calling 911, but it was too late, they couldnt revive him and pronounced him DOA.

Friends (on and offline) and a Lovable Pet | Reviewer: Pensive | 3/10/09

I love this song. It makes me remember people that were once important to me, and a close pet.

Offline friend:
My bff that I knew since Junior High.
We were like skin, we were so close. All through college we were still extremely close. I had dated lots but never left a friend hanging. But the moment my so-called bff met their future mate. My cellphone number must have fallen out of the phone book. lol? If someone back then would have told me that we would not be friends now_I probably would have stood up and punched them out too!

Online Friend:
Online bff lasting four whole years.
We spent many a night and a morning chatting away. We helped each other through a lot and shared a huge amount of laughs. Other online friends asked if we were joined at the hip or something. Then after all that time being so close, I thought, Much Drama got in the way of our once close friendship. I would never have guessed, after all we shared that we would not be close friends still. When I do see them online, I think, for a moment "Who knew?"

Lovable Pet:
I had my precious/vicious feline for 10 yrs.
He was fiesty with others, but loved me tenderly. Cuddly little furball that would scratch your eyes out if you crossed him or me. I remember him chasing unwanted guests out. Whether those pests be June bugs, people, or huge dogs! Lol? He was crazy but sweet as could be. When he met my husband to be, though, he seemed to inspect this new man thoroughly. Then, curled up in his lap purring away. As if to say, " You're approved of. " Then the 3 of us went everywhere together. The cat walked on a leash at the park with us. When on vacations with us, as he was not the car sick type. He loved us both, and we both loved him.__Then one day I noticed he wasn't himself, he would let me pet him, only for a bit. And only ate a little. Shortly after that he was gone. I miss him. And oddly he is the one I talk about most. Weird that I had a closer bond with a cat than I did with two humans I thought I would be best friends with forever.

Ps. Been with my husband for almost 11 years now. And he is my best friend.

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