P!NK | Reviewer: Jay | 10/30/2007

this woman totally ROCKS!!! her lyrics come from the heart, she's not selling out like so many others, she's a raw talent, and one that doesn't come along everyday. P!NK forever!!!

acoustic version | Reviewer: Meg | 10/11/2007

I heard/saw Pink do an acoustic version of "Trouble" on Regis and Kelly and it was so amazing. I desperately wish I could get a recording of it. Love Pink....a talented girl. Awesome sound.

trouble | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/2007

no eternies to plead my case no oves to send me iner outer space at my fingers i be jewled what dimes and goes but that aint gonna help me you think you right but you where wrong you tried to take but i knew all along you can't take for a ride i'm not a full ounce so you better run and hide if you see me comm'in down the street then you know it's time to go.

Huh? | Reviewer: Phedre | 6/26/2007

If you don't like it, why are you here? it's a really fun song to sing. i like it.

Just like the title says | Reviewer: Karen Stickney | 10/11/2004

The song "Trouble" is trouble. Selling out Rancid by having their lead singer do this song is even worse than Michelle Branch helping sell out Santana. No wait, this is much worse than that. This is just a poor excuse for punk when she isn't even that at all. ZERO!!!!!