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OMG! she is sooooo awsum | Reviewer: emily | 9/11/07

pink is my idol!i am 14 and smoked and was on drugs wen i waz 12 and 13. her music has helped me overcome my addiction 2 herroin and i listen 2 it everyday!!! luv u pink!!!!

my idol | Reviewer: keziah | 8/28/07

though i ve never attended any of her concert(never come to kenya)but i listen to her music and for me most of them to me are thumbs up and her music is so original.I JUST LOVE HER.........

I'm not dead concert - Brisbane | Reviewer: Amber | 8/4/07

I am 7 years old and attended my first concert, which was PINK I love her music and her style.I will always remember how loud it was and the bright lights, she looked so good on stage. I have her poster on my wall and listen to her music every day. I know all the words and want to be just like PINK when I grow up, she is my favorite. Love you Pink from Amber xx

Today I'll see my first Pink's concert! | Reviewer: Emiliano | 7/25/07

I LOVE Pink, she's a TRUE artist, she's not like a lot of others artist, she's true and very good and SHE IS NOT HYPOCRIT. Today, at 9 o' clock, I'll go to see her in concert in the Auditorium of Rome, I'm very very excited!!!

PINK RULEZ, continue in this way! ;-)

dear mr president | Reviewer: kacee | 7/11/07

bumbed i didnt get to see the concert wish i was there. would have loved to see her in person. love the new single dear mr president it speaks to me in loads of ways that i never thought a song could.the way tht i have been singing in my life while watching her as i have grown up and understood to listen to the lyrics of the song and the meanings has changed me emtionally nd physically. i grow up hoping tht some day i will be as successful as she is

pink is my idol | Reviewer: goran | 7/5/07

i went to her 'im not dead' concert that was the best moment in my life
PINK (honey) you are the best women in the world
P I N K is the best

love ya pink | Reviewer: rebecca | 7/5/07

yo i havent been able to go to a pink concert yet ( would love to but) i have the "im not dead" concert dvd. the music and singing and everything about it is just amazing! the stunts that she did was great!!! luv u pink.. (¯`·¸•´¯)

Wow. | Reviewer: Jenny | 6/29/07

For most of my life, I have been accepting that I will not turn out to be famous, or anything more than ordinary. Pinks songs and advice has given me so much more confidence and a whole new perspective on life. I want to do something very vaulable with my life and have an amazing career.. and why not? We get once chance to be all that we can be, why not make history, or make other people open theyre eyes to the world of music, why not do something crazy? Can you imagine sitting around when you're 80 thinking, "I wish I pursued with my singing or acting talents when I was a teenager. I could have had an amazing career, and have the world know my name, but instead I decided to follow the rules, and live a 9-5 workday life."

Seriously, I will tell anyone who will listen. People are going to know my name. Because my dreams are big and I am going to work damn hard to achieve them.
Pink has changed how I feel, and I hope I get to meet her one day, to show her who I am, and to learn more about who SHE is. I feel like I have a connection already
So, watch out world; here come.

she is the best | Reviewer: Carina | 6/22/07

I like her and oneday I want 2 meet het in real life.I love the songs Cuz I can,leave me alone and u+ur hand.u rrroooccckkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pinks im not dead tour | Reviewer: Megan | 6/15/07

I thought it was the best concert that I had ever seen in my life! I loved it! I like Pink so much that if you look at my wall in my room then you can't even see my wall. It's covered with pictures of Pink. The only songs I listen to are from Pink! She is so awsum! I wish that she could do another song! That would be so kool! My favorite song from her would probably be Fingers

janice ian dyke says | Reviewer: jane | 6/15/07

i think dat pink is da best in da world ad i think dat she shoul carry on sining because i have been inspired by her to sing ad to fulfil my dream sof becoming a singer even if it is in a band i already in a band called spontaneyous contradictions ad i think we are doin greate at d a moment

my idol | Reviewer: stacey | 6/8/07

if any girl has to have someone to inspire, look up to and belive in it would have to be pink. she is the most insperantional person. shes no barbie doll, shes real.
i went to her 'im not dead' concert and omg it was the moast amazing thing ever ive been to a fair few concert pink by far is the BEST ever i have no idea how she can sing live and jump around so much and sound great....everyone can relate to her songs

she always and insperation.......

Dear mr president | Reviewer: toni | 5/29/07

i love this song its tru my perents have a problem with me being lesbian and kicked me out of the house. they still don talk to me but everytime i hear this sing it give me hope that one day they will get over it and love me again

pink you are my hero. | Reviewer: Amy | 5/19/07

pink if you ever read this, i want u to know that u are t he most amazing person i have over come across. you have given me hope and i just cant belive how talented you are. your a true artist and are a geat example for teenagers like me.
i love you so much
amy 14years. xxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

I LOVE PINK!! | Reviewer: Neta and Junelle | 5/19/07

so0o0o0 stoked to go watch her concert(IM NOT DEAD TOUR)...Pink has the most unique, wicked, classy yet rough/tough edgyness to her..she's the bomb!!

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