Exactly Right | Reviewer: Zoe | 1/8/2008

I like to think that this song was mine or that someone wrote it for me. It just sums how I feel. If only every singer could sing songs that relate to the normal everyday person lik me. I think that P!nk is the best. As she said on her biography, she doesn't want to sing about the normal fake love song stuff like others she wants to ing about real life stuff. This song makes me feel that everyone must feel like that sometimes cause it she does so must others.
Thanx P!nk for singing about real life stuff!!!!!!!!!!!
Luv Ya.

i love it | Reviewer: NoNa | 3/2/2007

this song is the most amazing thing i hv ever heard..i love the words nd the music..nd i no tht everyoen can relate 2 ths sng sumtimes..!!nd yea..nobody knows;]