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Performed by Pink

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sad and soulful | Reviewer: shedevil | 6/23/10

I always thought that pink was a strong woman and really put everthing she had into music. It was great to see another side of her. I think that this song really touched some listners in the heart to see that not anyone is strong all the time.

Gives me chills | Reviewer: Kelli | 8/10/07

I love this song. It hits so deep and the lyrics, soul, and voices put into it are amazing. Pink and Steven Tyler were amazing for this peice.


Amazingly Beautiful | Reviewer: erin | 6/27/07

I've never been a person for blues, really, until i heard Pink's song "Misery". The lyrics run steady and deep, yet so wild and untamed. Her smoky voice fits the song in every crease and bend... She fits to the song as if it was wrote for her. and the other way around as well...
I've yet to hear a better song of blues.

that and the song helped me get that A i needed in music class a few years back ;o)

I love the song | Reviewer: Doris | 2/20/07

Hi I am a blues singer in Washigton State and I think that this song is awesome. It is about time! The lyrics are sooo great and Pink does a hell of a job. She reminds me of Etta James who can sing anything. Pink you have a style of your own. Thank you and God Bless.

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