i got money now | Reviewer: kittenrawr500 | 2/4/09

i think that this song is sarcastic because even though she's singing about not needing friends because she's achieved all of her goals and gotten rich, the music itself has a really sad theme to it. i think that what she's really saying is that she's hurt by all the people that think she doesn't need them anymore turning away, and i just feel that this song is less of a happy thing about feeling that money is better than friends, but more of a cry for help that is saying that even though she has money, she still needs friends, but people keep saying cruel things to her because she's rich........... it's so sad..... i want to give her a hug.........

ive got money now | Reviewer: k | 12/31/07

id love to relate to this but i feel that its about pink trying to make friends then she worked towards fame and now people want to be her friends but she doesn't need them,