Not All guys are the same | Reviewer: Lucy | 2/29/08

I my title sys not all guys are the same, i went through that stage where i coukldnt trust any of them but the truth is that my best friend is a male and i trust him with my life.
I badly got hurt off a guy a couple of years ago and didnt go near another one until 6 months ago and that is when i meet the love of my life.

I LOVE this song so much because it has got alot of meaning to it and Pink is just amazing.
There isnt a day that i dont wake up and wish i could be her.

Keep doin what you are doing Pink and there wont be one disappionted fan out there.

Amazeing and great meaning behind all of the song | Reviewer: Sarah Fleury | 1/14/08

I love this song, i am starting to fall for a guy, that has been there when i was haveing a worst day, and still he was able to put smile on my face. I just dont no, if he will break my heart, or not. I love spending time with him, i keep thinking that he is different than every other male, but really are there any males that are different? Becasue deep down inside i no that it isnt true. I have been hurt many times with males and thinking that they are different. I just dont no what to do in that situation that i am in. I am a type that questions everything that comes my way, i write to let all my feels down on paper. Pink i love your i am not dead cd. It has helpd me throught alot, with the things that i have been throught or even now what i have been going through i love you pink and dont ever stop being different....

. | Reviewer: melanie | 12/30/07

yeah, she's great
this song is just perfect.
i quess everybody else here has the same idea of this song
it's the truth
pink love u girl.

Sing it like a prayer | Reviewer: Cassan Rose | 12/26/07

I love this song Im singing it like it is one of my prayers. guys are such huges jerks don't trust a single friggin one not even the ones you love and think you can trust they will hurt you the absolute worst. I HATE THEM lol

im at this point right now:( | Reviewer: wondering what to think | 11/12/07

i know where shes coming from in this song...... im feeling this way right now... its kinda scary how she wraps all our feelings into this one song

huge pink fan <3 | Reviewer: Louise, Denmark | 10/24/07

Oh my freaking God!.. this song just hits the locked box in my heart with all these feelings, I feel exacly like that :O!

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/07

the one guy i thought that would be different then all the rest, big suprise, broke my heart.

it took me a whole year to figure out
that every guy is the same.
No matter what.
they're all the same

i am going thru this | Reviewer: amanda | 10/5/07

i believe in this song it spells what i am going thru right now with my "finace" i dont know if i have fallen for a heartbreaker. she explains everything that i am going in this song. i love PINK

the truth | Reviewer: amanda | 10/5/07

this song explains perfectly how i feel right now with this guy i am with, i am engaged and everything. and this song just explains how i feel with everythign that we are going thru. thanks pink from ur fan. love you

its hard to tell if he is the love of your life or a lier | Reviewer: heart broken | 9/10/07

i love this song!!!!!
it helped me when my heart got broken by the most amazing guy ever but he is a heart breaker
ill miss him a lot but "who new" he was a heart breaker
love this song no matter what