baby i love you | Reviewer: SEirah | 7/24/07

i'm totaly in love with this guy and he's awesome he can alwasy make me smile even if i'm havin the worst day ever and i'm so happy to be with him but sometimes i wonder if he's gonna be like every other guy and i'm gonna end up hurt in the end but i just can't help the fact that i love him but this song just says exacly what i feel

sweetiepie101 | Reviewer: noelle | 6/4/07

i love this song....its exactly how i feel nd pink is the best so how can u not love it

about the song heartbreaker by pink | Reviewer: Speedy | 5/23/07

I love this song and it really means a lot to me for some reason but even more to my girlfriend.She was in a bad relationship before me and it took forever to trust me.It all came spilling out one day when i had this song on and now we are very strong =]

Louise | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/07

This song is just so great! You just love the intro and the verse, but then when the chorus comes in you can't do nothing but just melt away! I wish I was the one who wrote this song, I'm jealous! Go for it, Pink!

oh serenity | Reviewer: sarah | 4/24/07

pink has freed me of a burden that's been locked up inside of me for way too long. even now, in a relationship, this song brings me to my knees. i can't help but wonder this about every guy i meet. is it worth it in the end? i couldn't have said it better myself, pink- i wouldn't have you say it any other way. this song keeps me going.

How did she know | Reviewer: channa | 2/17/07

I love this song....ironically my ex-boyfriend answered to this "no I'm not a Heartbreaker, I would never do that to you"
And guess what he did ;)
I love Pink, there's a great song for every feeling

born to be free 'n' ROCKOUT BEST TRACK EVA | Reviewer: l!lp!nk | 2/20/07

dis songs my fav ope every1 agress wid me on dat one!p!nk rocks dis tune totally i real enjoyed playin dis track 2 my ex it really made a diffrence an made us last longer dan we both fault it add shown him ow much i cared wid out saying tings?ope all goez wel in da future p!nk luv u so much 1 of ur bigest fanz heaven aka[l!lp!nk] l8rz dude!!!!

born to be free 'n' ROCKOUT BEST TRACK EVA | Reviewer: l!lp!nk | 2/21/07

greatest song in the world it rocks!!!!biggest fan l!lp!nk [aka] heaven-leigh

FANTASTIC!! | Reviewer: Emma | 2/11/07

I love this song to death.. i could listen to it non-stop all day!! i gotta agree with dakota 'bout the best line!!

immense | Reviewer: emily | 11/4/06

this song is one of the best! the lyrics can relate to almost everyone whos been in love and hurt! ROCK ON!!!!