@m@zing p!nk | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/11

Pink is so amazing she is my role model i had to do a project on who i admire, and ofcourse i chose pink (im in grade 8) she is so amazing there is no word that can explain how awsum she is, im a major fan from cape town, im her biggest fan!

Awesome Artist Right Here(: | Reviewer: Juana | 5/12/10

I Love This Song And Some Of You Other Ones They Really Express Emotions And I Can Relate And See How This Is In Life You Know. Well Great Songs And Keep At It Cause You Absolutely Stunning Pink:D
Pink Fan(:

reminds me of someone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/10

I love this song so much because it reminds me of everything I have gone through over the last 9 months. I married this guy that turned out to be everything I thought he wasn't ( very controling and emotionally abusive) and the more and more time that went on he has made my life a living hell.. yet as stupid as I was I kept taking him back.. but not this time.. this song has caused me to realize I deserve so much more then that he had to give.

pink <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/09

Pink is one of my favourite artists, I'm so proud that she's got the gutts and the words and the tunes that goes with her music and they all blend in so well. I love pink, I'm such a big fan, thanks Pink for expressing so many of our feelings accurately!

Germany, Marl. | Reviewer: Alexiii | 6/30/09

I really, really, love her. I think P!nk is one of the best artist in the whol world. I don't know if everything i write dwon is right, but I knwo that everybody should knwo my words: P!nk is amazing. She gaves me a dream. A reasond to do all the things that makes my life complet. She is a damn good reasond for me to say to everyone that wants to turn me down: I don't care at your words. Do the things u like, but let me lif my life how I want.
Heartbreaker is one of my favorit songs ever.
I am joung and I habve to learn much tings about relationships. I only had one boyfrien... He is y boyfriend since 2 years and I loev him. Girls don't think ever boy is bad. Sometims u will met the guy how is the only one... U won't knwo it when u meet him und u never can be sure but trust him...If u don't so it so it will be a dissepointmen for 100%.
I Hope my englsih wasen't to bad.

Thank you P!nk u are my big idol.

a very pinky truth | Reviewer: surviva | 4/6/09

this song means a lot to me cuz it's so true. i mean every relationship i had broke up and I don't know even one person who has like a never-ending relationship. And whenever I date a boy and it's becoming a lil more than just dating i wonder if i will be the one crying in the end.

thanks pink, for expressing my feelings

the girl below my Comment | Reviewer: deny | 4/3/09

Darling, I really understand you, there are big disappointments for everybody but you shouldn't think the boys are just all the same. There are different ones and you just have to find them! I like the song, it's very realistic.

Brilliant | Reviewer: J | 3/20/09

God. I wish I knew this song before I went through it. Part of me thought he was an angel, part of me thought he was a demon, so to speak. But I held on with both hands, both feet, and whatever I could. I actually married him and talk about the greatest disappointment in my life. Sometimes I wonder if there really are any different guys out there. I may never know the answer to that, but this is an increidble song. She's amazing

I´m from Argentina =) 16 years old--- | Reviewer: R€ggïíîy | 7/17/08

I love her songs...
I think there´s no other woman in this world that screams such a true and make a difference in EVERY HEART. No matter if she´s singing about the enviroment or human feelings in relationships, she always has some particular experience of her life to associate with art!

in some way her songs always have something that reminds me to my life, and give me new points of view so I can understand what am I living at this time...at this age...in this society. and make me feel I´m not alone, that these things are normal, and everything´s gonna be fine if I´m honest with everybody, with myself and living my present by learning from my past, thinking in the future.
...never giving you up...

finally I´d like to thank u for giving me the space to express what I think..I´ve been looking for a review area since I met P!nk (6 years ago!)...I found it!
see u!

EXACTLY WHAT I FEEL | Reviewer: MERYEM | 4/7/08

Carry on pink this songs that we are looking for to get out what we really feel,i really feel the same honey with my boy friend as he loves i doubt if it's just lie and all his feelings are just lies