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Performed by Pink Floyd

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just talking to oneself | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/08

To me this song is about the inner talking to oneself. It applies to anyone and one can have a very personal interpretation. Mine goes like this:
"So, I think I know the difference between Good and Evil, happiness from sorrow, the beautiful from the irrelevant, friendship from hipocrisy. Or did I trade the things I believe for things society makes me believe in? Did I exchange going to war in living my life the way I dream for the "confort" of being the head of a family in a house where if winter I pay for hot air or if summer I pay for cold air. How I wish the real me was here, But me and "him" are just two souls trapped in the same body, year after year, living in the same old world where "We" find the same old fears over and over. I wish the "real" Me was here.

No | Reviewer: Unanimous | 9/16/08

irony strikes in the oddest places

yes, we are subjective and must register ambiguity and ambivalence based on our own experience and environmental influence

but in my opinion and based on what I'm reading, many of you are missing the point here:

"Did they get you to trade
Your heroes for ghosts?"

how are you remembering your loved ones? are they heroes in your head, or are they haunting you?

"So, so you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell,
Blue skies from pain."

this plays more into the ambiguity factor, but still has two very distinct meanings - personally, my first impression is skepticism towards the loved one's ability to see that everything is inherently harmful and that pain must reign above all forms of happiness... however, the way in which he phrases the question literally asks if one can see the good in things that we believe to be negative/evil

I think this song is both a lament of a lost one and a wish that the lost one could have or should have been happier and less attuned to what "they" told him was bad... a call to the inner self, an existential question asked in the light of losing someone dear... but obviously this song (the second stanza specifically) is more complex than I can possibly explain here

ironically, you've all posted the same thing about you're own lost heroes... or ghosts

sorry... I'll take my lead role in that cage, now

In Love | Reviewer: anonymous | 8/29/08

We can't be but the love is very much there. He is trying to get this all together to play and sing on his guitar. I believe in him so much that I am helping every way I can. It tears my heart out to hear Wish You Were Here because I love him so much. We are two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl. WISH YOU WERE HERE.

to each his own | Reviewer: The Graduate | 7/29/08

Poetry opens the doors of percepetion -- Jim Morrison

To me this piece is about a lost love... my lost love... see poetry is not about the author's intent... its what it means to you... which emotions and memories it brings out for you... and I wish more than anything that she were here with me now

Wish you were here | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/21/08

I love this song, i really do, amazing doesn't capture it, it's such a sad song, brilliant, but sad, never felt such emotions to a song, but this song, it's impossible for it not to effect you. And in risk of being called a 'fag' this song has brought me to tears before.

I Still Do | Reviewer: WishSomeoneWasn'tHere | 7/21/08

Anonymous, what makes you think she's looking for pity? The song is as you mentioned about their lost Sid, what makes him worth any more than her dear departed? Perhaps he is more relevant to us fans who know and love him, but I still appreciate her sentiment to a lost father. Why not exercise a bit of tolerance and keep your mouth shut? Its possible for others like us to appreciate her sentiment, and not feel we have to pity. Not all sentiment expressed is a plea for pity, unless you are a shallow thoughtless fool.

Amazing song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/08

Dear Mr. Two cents Anonymous,, who cares if people want to express how they miss someone and write it if they want to say it here freedom of speech! Its important to let people know what an inpiration something is. Love this song, one of the first ones I ever heard and since then, its been one of my favourites.

Birth and Beauty. | Reviewer: Kraven Fox Underwood | 4/20/08

This song means alot to me personally not only is the lyrics deep and beautiful but im personally born with this song playing on the radio, it really wakes some feelings i often think i have forgotten.

Two cents. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/08

Honestly people. No one honestly gives a shit if you sit there and compare this song to someone close to you who died. We've ALL gone through it. Sure, it's a terrible thing to lose someone close to you, and it hurts like hell, but you DON'T go looking for pity from people you don't and won't ever know.

Sorry, felt like I needed to say it.

This is an amazing song though. That whole album touches you deep inside. Roger Watters put a good deal of his soul into this album, just for Sid. If you haven't listened to the entire album, I highly suggest you do. Shine On You Crazy Diamond parts I-IX may be numerous, but they're worth a listen. And Welcome To The Machine is also an amazing song if you've ever got time.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Chiara | 4/12/08

This song expresses so much emotion...I really love it, nothing else can make me feel consoled more than it. It must be the best song Pink Floyd've ever written, along with Shine on You Crazy Diamond.

OKEMOW WOW | Reviewer: Bobby Okemow | 4/2/08

this song is a awesome song to hear on lone day when your by yourself...thinkin bout my late dad...1st yr without him....missin him dearly...didn't even get to know him jus treasured the times i had with him...R.I.P. ROBERT CAPPO...u will be dearly missed..lotsa love

Wedding Music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/08

I never considered myself a classic rock fan until my fiance uploaded some Pink Floyd on to my iPod. When I heard this song I couldn't believe I'd never had the pleasure before. It's a beautiful piece, with tons of emotion. We will be playing it at our wedding next October, and dedicating it to my brother who unfortunately is no longer with us.

I love This song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/08

This was the first song I did good for vocals+guitar.

I know do it on every instrument I have (Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar and Violin).

One of the best songs ever wrote, really touching. At every gig I play I always play this in honor of several people I really miss in my life and then Shine on You Crazy diamond for a friend who killed himself listening to it. The WWYH album was really great.

Favorite Pink Floyd Song | Reviewer: Nancy Nguyen | 2/2/08

Out of all the things you have to decide and comprehend, all the things you have to tell apart and try to believe in... it's always great to know that someone wishes you were with them. without a doubt.

Great song | Reviewer: Danielle | 1/26/08

This song reminds me of everyone I have eft behind in one way or another.
It reminds me of all of those I have left.
But most of, my grandpa.
I love it, even though it makes me cry.

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