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Performed by Pink Floyd

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It happens | Reviewer: maddog | 2/1/11

I was a vehicle accident investigator.
I was on my way to a crash site just listening to the car radio.
This girl comes on and dedicates the song to her friend who was killed the day before.
That crash scene was my first job for the day.
I listened
I cried
I quit
I am free

This song means a lot to me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/10

In October, my voice instructor died of a horrible infection. During our last session together, we reviewed this song. In the last words of his video will, he told me with misty eyes that I was a talented student with the greatest potential he had ever seen. Whenever I had a bad day, he would always listen.
This song means so much to me in preserving Jimmy's memory...Godspeed Jimmy...we'll all miss you.

This song | Reviewer: Mikaela | 12/24/10

This is an amazing song. My mom also went down in a mental decline when I was 11 and it's gone downhill ever since, and I do wish she was here, too. But whatever situation you're in anyone can relate to this song. Everyone has lost someone they care about, whether someone died or maybe someone moved away or maybe you aren't friends anymore with someone etc. That's why I think this song is so great. I'm not so good at descriptive things like this ha but I hope you get what I'm trying to say.

Another Opinion | Reviewer: Tooscaredtosay | 12/19/10

Wow Katie, what you wrote is amazing.
I defiantly have strong feelings for this wonderful song. The intro is haunting and gives me weird feelings in my stomach similar to that of watching "Requiem for a Dream". When I hear it, it always reminds me of how things could have been with a certain person if I hadn't been so shy. I don't know why just dose, but I totally get the whole Syd mental health thing. Awesome song...

Double meaning | Reviewer: Katie | 12/19/10

This song is about Syd Barrett's mental decline in the band. One day they did not pick him up from band practice and he was so far gone that he did not even know the difference. The double meaning; his band mates wish he was physically and mentally present. He was so far gone and it definitely struck a chord if you will with their hearts. But he could never grasp that concept

Though I'm not in the same situation with anyone who is mentally gone nor in a band, this song reaches out to my heart. I miss my grandpa. I miss his guidance, his stability, his comforting wisdom. The lyrics don't really apply, but the tone and the message being radiated from the music just makes everyone understand in one way or another a type of pain that is provoked through hurtful situations.

I'm eighteen and this song is far older than I am, I believe. The message is still the same though after all these years; Wish you were here.

Immortal Pink Floyd | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/10

I'm french, so as a lot of peaople in my contry my english is not so good.........
Bur Pink Floyd is par of my heart, sometime I understand the meaning of of song, sometime I just understand the spirit of this magic music
It was fabulous to see Roger Waters in paris a few years ago, the spirit of this man and the group is so natural....where can we find such quality with such message today ?
I hear Pink Floyd since I'm a teenager, and I will die in a long time I hope, and thios music will still be in a part of my mind.....sure
I wish some good people were here and stay with us !
Do you kow the dub version of dark side of the moon, call "dub side of the moon" ?
Hear it it's amazing and so good !

@K.I.S.A | Reviewer: Tom | 12/7/10

Don't worry, because those knights can be just a few around the world, but they exist. I consider myself one of them, but walking in the wrong time and place.

I'm glad to see a woman looking for her knight in shining armor, you don't see them that much nowadays.
Best wishes.

My Homies | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/10

To start Pink Floyd is simply amazing but this song would have to be my favorite two of my friends were struck by a truck while riding a bike in march they were only 17 and it makes me think of them and how bad me and all there family and friends wish they were here keep a place for me up there todd and grubb R.I.P.

Hardy handshake | Reviewer: OrsenRosebud | 12/5/10

This, as all of the Floyd Songs, have always had a very special meaning to me. Most songs are written from the soul and are about either love or loss, or both. Trading heroes for ghosts, reminds me of an incident in my youth that had alot of fallout. When authorities traded their stature as authorities to become ghosts. Hot air for the cool breeze reminds me of the turmoil created when the El Monte Police and Fire Department put another hit on me while in college 2500 miles away. It reminds me of the cruel hand Mother Nature dealt to you all with the Santa Ana Winds. Did they get you to trade Hot air for the cool breeze, ashes for the trees?

This song has one meaning to me | Reviewer: K.I.S.A. | 11/14/10

Wishing my knight in shining armor the man I truly love yet have never met in person was with me in the physical world not just in the emotional world but everyday I've been stood up for year after year. To my KISA .. Wish You Were Here X

*no title* | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/10

This song has an amazing way of sparking thousands of pages of conversation and debate of three tiny paragraphs. And it's only one of many, many amazing songs by them.

Pink Floyd's members are more then musicians. I don't know what they are exactly, I don't think any man does.

Environment | Reviewer: Marty1090 | 10/16/10

I don't have a huge essay to type about this like most people here. I'm 17 and i have to write an essay on a song that has an environmental meaning. THis song right away stuck out to me. THeres so much evidence of the change in environment and how we can do something about it. I'm not a hippie btw, i really don't care much, just saying how i just realized this. pretty cool.

Syd | Reviewer: Rose | 10/13/10

This song is about original lead singer, Syd Barrett. He had to leave the band after schizophrenia made public life impossible for him. The band members had all known him for years, David Gilmore and Roger Waters grew up with him. They loved him dearly and mourned his leaving the band. Their song "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" is also about Barrett.

On the death of my son | Reviewer: Don | 10/15/10

I had never heard this song before but my son Tom was a Pink Floyd and Roger Waters fan, although they were popular when I was his age and before. His friends chose to use this song as entrance music to the crematorium at the time of his cremation.
The final verse is so poignant and significant for his mother and me. I don't know what message it was intended to convey when written but it is so meaningful for us now.

Its your own meaning | Reviewer: Jerry | 10/15/10

This song seems to talk about someone who has left for reasons that has meaning to the person who left but seems obscure to the person that stayed. But its your own interpitation that gives the song meaning.... By the way, what would you do with 5 minutes of your long lost love?

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