Deep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/08

What I love about this song is how relevant it is to everyone. I can relate to every single word in this song. It's about more than just wasting time. It's about the fact that time is indifferent to us. No matter what we do, it will never bend to our will, and we will never have enough of it. Consider the last line (before the reprise). Even the most meaningful things we do will be left unfinished in some way. And then we have the reprise. One man finds meaning in the little comforts life gives him. Others spend their precious time hoping for a world in which time does not exist. Very poetic, and timeless.

kokopelli 7 | Reviewer: Alaric | 12/17/07

This song is awesome. It is definitely my favorite Pink Floyd song. This song is kind of depressing to me because every time I hear it I think about everything I should have done or need to do but haven't. Unfortunately I can't seem to bring myself to do these things.

Pink Floyd | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/07

These are great lyrics. The final cut album has some great ones as well. Very political coming from an Englishman's perspective. great band.

Powerful lyrics | Reviewer: Denni | 11/4/07

These are some of the best lyrics Roger Waters has ever written. If they weren't the lyrics to a song, they could easily be a poem that schoolkids would be studying in school. What's most striking about the lyrics is how true they are. How many of us have wasted varying amounts of our time doing nothing when we could have been doing something more constructive

Floyd rules | Reviewer: Chuck Snow | 10/29/07

I first discovered this song at (about) age ten in my Brothers record collection.

It taught me that the only REAL currency in life is time... Spend it wisely.

(If you figure out how to do that, please let me know.)

Amazing | Reviewer: jb | 10/17/07

This is my favorite song and one of the best ever in my humble opinion. I wish todays music had as much meaning and thought behind the lyrics. I will listen to this song forever and pass it along to my friends to share a truly great piece of music. Thanks Pink Floyd for the great lyrics and awesome shows.

fantastic | Reviewer: A mouse called Gerald | 10/13/07

Although the lyrics of this song can be seen as depressing, the power within the actaul music combined with the lyrics i think is really inspiring and i always feel more positive after listening.

it has so much more meaning to it than some of the tripe that is around these days! i just wish i had been around to see floyd when they were playing live - although the tribute band i have seen are pretty good!

Time | Reviewer: Chick | 9/27/07

This song is amazing. I'm pretty young, and totally agree with it. Pink was amazing at writing this. It is possibly one of the greatest Time songs Ive ever heard. It's so true, and it's happening. Always has been. This song ROCKS

Just so amazing... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/07

wow... this song is just plain amazing. not only is this song catchy but it portrays a message every individual human should have engraved in their minds: time is always moving. seize the moment for there will NEVER be another moment just like it. i give it a 20 out of 10. PEACE!!

I love this song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/07

#1. this song absolutely kicks "butt"
#2. this song scares the piss out of me >_<
#3. this song SHOULD be mandatory
#4. this song depresses me, but teaches me to grasp life no matter what happens. Pink Floyd is my musical and phsycological HERO. their music heals my wounds, it calms my nerves, it shows me how i should find the good things in the bad times.

LOVE IT! | Reviewer: Thegodfasha | 9/13/07

i agree with a few people a few posts back.
#1 this song should be mandatory.
#2 this song ROCKS OUT LOUD!
#3 this song scares the piss out of me.
Pink Floyd has to be like my favorite band of all time! i love how their music is very influencial, sometimes it makes me feel depressed, but i am glad i discovered the Pinkest of Floyds at such a young age. ^_^ they rock!!!

amazing. | Reviewer: Matt Hey | 9/1/07

These lyrics were so profound to me, like a warning.

I hear it all the time "seize the day", "dont let life slip you by" but it never made any sense....but this song has shown me.

Best Piece Of Lyrics Ever! | Reviewer: Sourav Roy | 8/20/07

Hail Waters!! This Is Certainly The Heights Of Psychedela! I Mean You Cant Help From Hallusinations While Listening To This!!!!!!!!!

Mandatory | Reviewer: Luiz Vicente | 8/17/07

This song should be played to all young people around the world. It should be mandatory. So they would enjoy life since its beginning and perhaps life on Earth would be better. Fantastic song!

wonderful song | Reviewer: kelly | 8/16/07

this song is just makes you think how fast the time goes and how you have to make the best out of life!!! pink floyd songs can teach you a lot about things and thats why they are so influential still today ..their music will go on forever :)