"What Is your life? You are like a mist that appears for a little while, and then vanishes..." | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/10

I love the lyrics of this song and have understood it more and more as I've gotten older.

It's amazing to me how many plans we make and dreams we have that will probably still be unfulfilled when we eventually die. "Time waits for no man" and it does seem to speed up with age.

I remember at some point in my late 20's it hit me: this is IT. I'm an adult now, I'm done with school, and I'm getting older! I, too, felt like I'd missed the starting gun. I think we're so conditioned to be guided and led through our younger years that it's a bit of a shock when we realize it's all up to us now.

I also relate to what the anonymous reviewer of 4/3/09 posted -- that it seems that most people, in the "prime of their lives," spend a large percentage of their time, energy and resources planning for their eventual retirement. Funny how we spend the first 18-20 years of our life dreaming about one day being an adult, then spend the rest of our working lives focused on our final years! Seems kind of tragic.

I don't think it's realistic to live each day like it's your last (otherwise you might be tempted to ignore the consequences of certain actions), but I also don't think you should let life pass you by because you're dreaming about the future.

If you like this song, you might also like "Time Stand Still" by Rush. Some great lyrics in that one as well! "Time stand still; I'm not looking back, but I want to look around me now..."

This is mine | Reviewer: Lamma della fede | 2/27/10

I feel somewhere when I catch up with this song. I am a new teenager, but wish I live in their glorious moment. It's a magical stuff from their mind their era. I won't consumed by new recent junk song. It's all crap o shit. One of my favorite songs.
PINK FLOYD!The best band ever . . .

nishant.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/10


I think you missed the point. The song never mentions society or anything that would resemble it.

"Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines"

It doesn't matter what you do, how you do it, or who you do it with. Only that, something be accomplished with your life that at least you can be proud of yourself for, even if no one else knows of your accomplishments... to not die in sorrow and regret...

If you're happy and fulfilled shoveling shit, then shovel shit.

If you're a malcontent then do whatever it is that makes you fulfilled. If that means sitting under a tree smoking dope singing songs or whatever it is, then do that.

If you're going to be fulfilled as president of whatever country you're from, then do that. Or maybe you might be satisfied with senate, or parliament seat? Each has his own.

If you're happy and fulfilled working at a bank, then work at a bank.

It doesn't matter who you are, what you believe or what you hope to achieve in life, the song certainly applies to all. Like I previously said, it's about being able to die with a smile on your face.

The person you are today, isn't the person you're going to be tomorrow. Some of the thing you thought didn't matter today, might matter tomorrow, and some things you thought mattered might not matter at all to you in the future.

Time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/10

Nishant, When you said, "What is most important is to do what you should. And if you do not do that .. life will always be a question for you...Yes do not question life for the heck of it. Do what SHOULD be done. Live your life in the moment leads you to SEX / DRUGS / ALCOHOL. And then as this song says ... you are older." Now who are you to say that you know what "should" be done to have a good life? That seems completely ignorant to me that there is a way that we "should" live. If you disagree with how society tells you you "should" live, then I'd say you'd b happier not doing what you "should." Even if you don't have what society calls a good future ahead of you, it is still very possible to b happy. Also, I know many people that do what they "should" to make a good future, and they still aren't happy. But other than that I agree that our happiness is inside of us for us to find. Time is short so do something about it, but it sure as heck doesn't have to be what Nishant or society tells you is right.

Nina | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/10

nishantpandey , i totally agree with you, all the answers that we need are inside of us and the longer we look on the outside the more our questions will remain unanswered, unfortunately people seem to do it constanly without even giving it a second thought. So that was a great review out there.I'm greatful i stumbled upon it, i hope more people will too and hopefully take it into account

Time | Reviewer: Nishant Pandey | 12/29/09

Hi You,

Yes you who have stumbled on this page ! Probably for this song's lyrics.
Perhaps more for its understanding. And a lot of people will hogwosh you with stuff like do what most want to do. And enjoy your life the most you can. And live every moment.

Believe me it is a complete nonsense of the advice.

Your actions today should be in balance..with future responsibilities / the present needs / the past lessons.

Some times you will just be waiting for inspiration and motivation and perhaps answers and you are searching here you fool. All the answers are inside of you. What is most important is to do what you should.
And if you do not do that .. life will always be a question for you.

Yes do not question life for the heck of it. Do what SHOULD be done. Live your life in the moment leads you to SEX / DRUGS / ALCOHOL. And then
as this song says ... you are older.

And everything is gone... is over.. you have wasted your life.

Don't do that.
Work that job.
Everybody who did the things got somewhere in life. Coz he just did not think of his present moment but his future too.

Act !! Don't be here.
Do what you really have to do. Not look for inspiration.
You know how to do it. Just get started.

Feel free to connect with me

Time | Reviewer: light my chemicals | 10/21/09

" And you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it's sinking,Racing around to come up behind you again,The sun is the same in a relative way, but you're older,Shorter of breath and one day closer to death "
what a great lyrics...this is all true...grab the opportunity it only comes once...you might regret in the end...carpe diem...thanks Pink Floyd for the lyrics.

"The sun is the same in a relative way but you are older" | Reviewer: Luky | 9/19/09

I agree with all of you, it is a great song. There are many moments in my life were i fill like i am just watching everything go by, and I keep waiting for an inspiration or a motive to start working on my goals, desires and dreams. "Time", really helps me understand how, in a way, we are racing against time but in a way, we know its an endless race were we must gain the most we can out of it.

Rehearsal | Reviewer: loononthegrass | 6/29/09

Again, great comments. Who said Floyd fans were a bunch of fry-heads? I recall a peanuts cartoon where Charlie Brown said something to the effect that life wouldn't be so hard if he hadn't missed the rehearsal. This is the sentiment I feel from this song. So often I feel I don't know what I should be doing next, but life is music in motion; start writing before the song is over. (Hmmm...thought I'd something more to say...)

waiting for someone or something to show you the way | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/09

In the dark side of the moon documentary Roger Waters says something along the lines of,

we spend 18 years preparing for a life that has already begun

i think this song perfectly conveys that, life has already started, yeah it tends to be long but you are only getting older. do things now!

time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/09

nowadays, everyone is going around saying "save up for retirement. prepare for the future." im not saying that's not a BAD thing, but this song says it all. sometimes you have to do things NOW!. because the only time you'll ever have is now. i dont view this song as scary or depressing. i view it as a a warning. it tells me to enjoy life, to do what i want, to stand out, to do as much as i can with the time given to me. because someday i will grow old, and i will die. but when my time comes, weather it be tomarrow or in seventy years, i know that i'm always going to run out of time to do the things i want. but at least i'll live free.

no one told you when to run you missed the starting gun | Reviewer: I never sleep | 1/27/09

This describes looking back on your life and realising that you were waiting for someone to signal you or 'show you the way'. In reality, no-one is going to direct you in life, it's up to us all to act out our hopes and ambitions.

Great comments here from people on this thread...

"spend your whole life preparing for the futur like its timeless then you will find out that your living your life right now"

"the only REAL currency in life is time"

Thanks | Reviewer: rory | 12/19/08

i am quite pleased to see that my favorite song on the particular lyrics site i use actually has smart sensible comment. This song belongs to us because it was written about human beings b/c we are the one's concerned with time. I thank pink floyd so much for writing this song. there is no way to repay a band for something like this sort of song

"no one told you when to run you missed the starting gun | Reviewer: adam | 9/19/08

i dont know the writers specific meaning of this line, but it sticks to me as if you spend your whole life preparing for the futur like its timeless then you will find out that your living your life right now

time waits for nobody | Reviewer: lazutlivera | 9/18/08

this song starts as a hard, powerfull sound as youth and is getting slower when coming to the end.not only it's lyrics but also it's sound shows how life passes and how we come to end.so i think last part of the song depresses listeners.as freddie said "time waits for nobody"