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Performed by Pink Floyd

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True Masterpiece | Reviewer: Diffner | 1/8/13

Although one of their most new songs it will soon reach its twentyfifth birthday. Like every single one of Pink Floyd's songs this is still after all this time so very present - one of the things I love with them. This album is older than me and their first ones are older than my parents. They will always be remembered and loved.

GAIA | Reviewer: Thistle | 6/18/09

One of my favorites by Pink Floyd.. There is no open interpretation in this song, because its clearly about how we take everything from mother earth, and push her to the limit almost as if we want to c when she will break.. Mother earth can take it back, she will take it back some day.. Love life, and find a partner to share your life with asap because this earth is going to hit the next ice age soon, and nature will take everything back..

lol, I like how buddy says David Gilmore has the guitar skills of a god, but I lmao when he said this song is probably about driving in a ferrari, meanwhile its quite the opposite.. :P

God | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/07

Another piece of fine art by pink floyd. Impecable guitar work by dave G as allways.Sometimes it's as though god himself is playing and who knows he may well be.Great driving tune,I am sure he is singing about being out in his ferrari!!

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