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Performed by Pink Floyd

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Transcendence | Reviewer: John Murphy | 4/9/14

One of the most amazing songs and beautiful guitar renditions ever performed. David the poet master lyricist guitar savant leads us within one song from expressions of despair to actual nirvana of the soul. By holding pain and sorrow instead of deflecting it we may attain transcendence and enlightment...find our true selves, the soul. Sir David the Master.

masterful guitar | Reviewer: ron | 12/2/13

I can't seem to get this song out of my head and don't want to. One of my favorite songs from Pink Floyd. Gilmour is the master on guitar. The way he makes the sounds is like no other. Great writer and poet. The live version on the Pulse CD is the greatest. Sorrow is simply an awesome song.

Keep Listening this Song goves me courage to come out of this F World | Reviewer: Lokesh Singh Sengar | 2/26/12

Keep listening this Song makes me more stronger day by day.
It keeps reminding me that iam not a Usual man like other F Man.Some encouragement i get whenever i listen this Song.
Keeps me moving to Fight with Uncaring world in myown way

With Love from India.
Lokesh Singh

A Great Sorrow... | Reviewer: Peyman | 12/10/11

Ohh man! this songs simply pierces into my f mind!
david what have you added to this song that it goes deep into my heart and draws my soul out of my da body! how can i describe this song?!!
the whole song all parts and all lyric has been written by dave himself! U R INCREDIBLE MAN!

one of my favourite pinky's | Reviewer: Dani | 6/20/11

I think it's about the moment before the suicide as he say "one world, one....time pass......"
which means that his life has no meaning for an entire world , and whatever happens life will continue and the river will keep rolling
one of my best songs though I'm not thinking at all of killing myself

How to describe an instant of... | Reviewer: Veronica | 6/15/11

Desolation and abandonment. This particular depressive and yet beautiful song is about a man with no hope, just at the precise moment before suicide... so deep and so dark like none could ever describe the loss of meaning of own existance...
One of the top ten soundtrack of my life, ever.
David Gilmour, Sir, poet, musician, perfect

meaningful | Reviewer: sumiran satyal | 3/28/11

this song exactly describes the destruction of environment..the man in the song is just an ordinary person who wishes for a better earth,but finds it in an aftermath of green fields n rivers..just oily seas..he fears for the worst.
His dreams have all been wiped out.
And when u listen to the guitars at the end,you just feel as if u r the man mentioned in the song.
Truly amazing song.
Long live pink floyd!

Love that guitar | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/10

It's just amazing how David Gilmore can capture the essence of a song, not only with his lyrics, but in the incredible "riffs" that he plays at the end of "Sorrow"--the guitar actually has a lyrical quality to it--FUCKING AMAZING!

Fantastic | Reviewer: Kedar Dange | 5/6/10

I was listening to A Momentary Lapse of Reason while doing an AP Chem practice test and it just struck a chord in me. It's incredible and whenever i think of it i see a desolate wasteland with a tired man supine on the ashy ground staring into the distance at a city filled with violence and destruction, dreaming of what it had once been.

sorrow lyrics | Reviewer: Allison | 11/4/09

I had to do a project for school that incorporated "sorrow" into my AP painting class. I automatically thought of this song and went back to listen to it. My painting described the hurt this person seems to go through. It took me a great deal of time, but I got an A on it and made it to the art show.
Pink Floyd is A M A Z I N G G .

deep lyrics | Reviewer: Joseph | 2/3/09

This song starts out really strong, it really makes you tremble when you listen to it full blast. The lyrics are also something else like someone slipping into a very deep depression, and is just burned out with life, and tired of living it, no hope in sight.

easily one of my favorite Floyd songs

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