floyd on man!! | Reviewer: sigma 1 | 12/26/07

pink floyd are the most over rated under whelming piece of middle class self reverential meandering middle aged retarded fifth form mussers infused by the kind of middle England narcissism (echos indeed!!)that makes them think that they should still have an empire while all of their emissions (creative or otherwise) only go to underline the very reason they don't. Nick mason being a case in point, ''yer only keeping a beat behind someone elise's songs pal, and been paid about three times the average common lowly proletariat wage for doing so be grateful not arrogant and get over it''... all of you just... GET OVER IT!!

bleh- | Reviewer: Samantha Starmer | 12/19/07

i do believe that this little piece
on pink floyd is quite fascinating...
pink floyd has always been my favorite band
just of like all time...your lyrics
are beautiful, magical and more..waaay more.
i only hope that one day i can go to a
conert...aha if u come here to Reno =D
but...this truely does sum up all of the band
members of pink floyd's lives thank u so very
much and i hope to read more about you guys.

Beyond our grasp, yet so familiar | Reviewer: wagoneer | 12/13/07

Pink Floyd sums up so beautifully all that the man from middle England feels but is yet so unable to express. The waiting for some event in life that may indeed make the grass greener. The Floyd touch on so many hidden emotions, they can bring a tear to the eye with the sudden and often painful realisation that all is really nothing.

To whom it may concern | Reviewer: Nathan | 11/17/07

Every "review" submitted here, with the exception of one comment, is nothing more than mindless attention-seeking, ranting, and spam that should be deleted immediately. I can't help but wonder the average age of the "reviewers" that graced this biography. I haven't even seen a 5-year old with grammar as horrendous as what was presented here.

Rock | Reviewer: Tiffany | 9/6/07

Pink Floyd is by far one of the greatest rock groups to ever form. They influenced many modern day rock bands. They will forever be remember as A Great Rock Group!! ROCK ON!!

want to make some changes on the song pigs on the wing | Reviewer: avinash thokchom | 8/29/07

hi... i'm avinash,, i want to make some changes"pigs on the wing" would u give me the permission

my opinion | Reviewer: Araz | 8/17/07

this band is the bestttt...nothing i can say...they are the kingsss of rock...i simply adore this band..

children.... | Reviewer: sigma6fan | 7/27/07

Please tell me gentlemen, why must you argue over the review... yes, it was a little inaccurate, but who cares about grammer?!? firstly, Roger Waters DID cause problems within the band, and he DID cause dispositions between him and the fans. Can any fan recall the wall that stood between the band and the audience? it was more than just a symbol for the album. Why do you think that idea spawned?!? yes, i do agree that Roger Waters had the most part in the band splitting...as well as the biggest part in Syd's "departure"...aka (he kicked him out)...good bios, but i do hope you add more...as there is so much more information to add....

psychadelic | Reviewer: munim | 6/29/07

I love listening pink floyd,and at the same time i almost hate them,cause every time i listen to them,i thought they simply mock to me.They always tell me to feel the world in a different way,and the way i still can't realize perfectly,but i'm tring hard!


... | Reviewer: Jake | 6/26/07

your grammer is sooo good mister i talk perfect, too bad most of your sentences were run ons, douche bag... everyone has their own opinion...and i honestly dont like the fact that roger waters basicly killed the band, i wish there was more of this music i love so much. most geniuses are DOUCHE BAGS...

No rant--just a small suggestion and an important update | Reviewer: Mary | 6/25/07

Not sure if you will be updating these bios, but you will need to add that Syd Barrett passed away July 7th, 2006.

Also when you describe Syd as "...a once brilliant mind destroyed by drugs," you might want to rephrase this sentence to include the possibility of mental illness intensified by drugs as well.

so many tools, i will choose the axe. get out of the way Eugene. | Reviewer: OctopusMonkey | 6/9/07

Who is it that you are who is putting out this unofficial Pink Floyd biography? I mean I think it's a cool thing to do, and by all means it gets information to the many and the few- but I've got a word, a word for you person: !) clean up your grammar and your articulation in a public forum, 2) oh, oh oh so important - how could you how can you write that Roger Waters wore out his welcome with the majority of his fans? that is so untrue, so so untrue it makes me wonder where are you getting your information from man? Have you checked with the fans? Roger Waters may have gotten into issues and fights and problems and all with his bandmates, for sure, for sure, but brilliance and inspiration never die never die the man is one of the muses of the modern world dude dude dude dude let me tell you i just saw this genius play in new Jersey, and in new york before that, and his fans would definitely seem to disagree with that cosmically distorted perception of realism, reality, realness, bah bah black sheep have you any wool? I've got to tell you that the store is out. And the plan is to walk to the moon today to find out if the dark side gets in the way when you wanna have a bath on a sunny day in the ocean in october in the month of may? what is he saying now you may ask, but if you have to ask, it simply means that you do not know that the Lunatic is in the Grass, that the LUnatic is in your head, that the Lunatic is friends with the moon, that the Lunatic has a water balloon, that the LUnatic is on top of the wall, he's never been to Brooklyn, or to a mall, but he knows how to set the controls for the heart of the sun, he was an embryo once, just like everyone, oh the Lunatic he's in line for a disease, he can't wait to get a woman like Pamela on her knees, and so he's willing to pay cause there is no other way, and she gives him a blow job and sends him on his way, but now he's scratchin' at his scrotum and it starts to bleed, he's picked up something vicious for following his need, and that's why we call him a LUnatic, he's just like everyone, yes, he could be you or me.

The Octopus Monkey

amazing | Reviewer: Gabby | 6/5/07

Pink Floyd is an absolutely amazing band that impacted rock and roll forever. Pretty much, worship them.

awesome | Reviewer: sammy | 5/23/07

i think they suck.......no....they rock!!!!!

woot woot i love rock!!11