Ironic | Reviewer: bobob | 10/16/12

Song is like many on the album, an opinion of society at the time. In the case of Money, it was about the wealthy, greed, etc. In a documentary they commented that this was ironic because after this album was completed they realized they would become the rich they spoke about in their songs.

Dark Side Of The Ace | Reviewer: Asher | 9/19/12

Ace doesn't know how to play such a good piece of music, he sounds intimidated by it. It's not in the usual quarter beat measure. The timing is 7/8. It's a very unusual time signature. Don't get on here and try to sound cool by putting legends down. Write your own concept record and blow the world away with it then get on here and talk shit. Enough said!

Opinion | Reviewer: MrMojoRisin | 4/15/12

In my opinion Money portrays the image of how money corrupts all minds, rich or poor. Its all around us, always wanting it, But if you ask for a rise it's no surprise that they're giving none away. You'll share it and fair it, but in the end its something we will all look upon, in a bad or good way, making it "the crime". Also in the beginning lines, I think that theyre mocking the people that are filthy rich.

Song meaning | Reviewer: Kush | 4/14/10

To me, this portrays how money works in the human mind. Some people say it's worthless and the root of all evil, yet they won't give theirs away because it's more important than they all want to admit. Greed is king.

Money | Reviewer: George | 2/19/10

This song is one of my favorites on Dark Side of the Moon. The true meaning behind the song to me is unknown. They could be emphasizing the importance of money or making a mockery of it. Who knows? and to everyone against Ace, he obviously has his own tastes and doesn't enjoy this song as much as we do. Although I must admit Ace, Money is a pretty great song and I don't understand how you don't like it.

magik zik | Reviewer: bilnas | 1/3/09

i live in algerian lost town and my english knowledge still suck so i dont understand the most of lyrics but i realized that they talking abt money in my dad's PINK FLOYD BEST BAND EVER

Reserved Explosion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/08

this song is amazing! it's hard to compare Pink Floyd songs though, because their always so diverse. Everything they did individually was different but they always found a way to fit it into the album like no other band could

bores you??? | Reviewer: beN | 10/2/08

are you effin kidding me?? This song is such a classic & keeps me going day after day...i think your band is awesome for wanting to play that song but i think that you should quit because your so close minded about an amazingly thought up song with so much detailed music playing in it which is what you do so you should have alot more respect for this song but you dont so go do some drugs n jump off a bridge please. your a waste of space and obviously a complete idiot if you havent realized that the whole dark side of the moon album is amazing & pink floyd is one of the best EVER!!! D-Bag.

wtf, Ace? | Reviewer: Jesus | 12/2/07

1) first of all, this song isn't boring, you're just too closed-minded.
2)and second of all, This song rules! It has an excellent concept that our society and especially ones social class is based greatly on ones wealth.

Fastastic ¡¡ | Reviewer: Noerk | 10/5/07

In my own town, there's a museum exposed about the effects of the glass on light, the portrated it's from the album of the "Dark side of the moon", i'm think it's one of the most wonderful album in history.....

i need some $$$ in fact | Reviewer: sonja | 9/9/07

hey, this song kicks a$$.
It has a good beat and makes a good statement.
the guitar solo is consistant and his voice is so throaty and sounds like he knows what he is talking about. and the fade out at the end is lovely. if you don't listen to it loud you are not appreciating it.

do good goody... | Reviewer: Kira | 9/5/07

In my opinion this is their best song.
God I loves it. I don't know how it's boring in the slightest ahaha, but whatever. =)

... | Reviewer: hank | 9/3/07

yeah man..that ace guy is so close minded...and to tell the truth maybe your the boring one.. hahaha

totally... | Reviewer: dandy | 8/22/07

yea i agree with kim.just because U don't like this song doesn't make this band crap. they are WONDERFUL and i think if u cannot apreciate this song, u can't apreciate the dark side of the moon. the truth in their songs is brilliant. keep em coming guys!

Money | Reviewer: Kim | 8/19/07

ace seem to be knowing nothing about music... Pink Floyd is an amazing bad, so is this song, and the song's album... There's no need to judge 'Money' as a single piece of work, it's just a small part of the whole album, u should listen to Dark side of the Moon as a whole...